Issue #11 September 2005


Last month's contest: Favorite school supply

Last month's contest asked readers to tell us about their favorite school supply. Many of you told us about your recent new laptop or your favorite pen or pencil. However, in the end, Jase Wells won over our hearts with his flash back to the past:

My favorite school supply is the classic Trapper Keeper. That thing was a wonder of plastic technology, able to store your entire life in just one amazing three-ring binder. Later you grow up and it's all briefcases and PDAs -- but they're no match for a binder that comes with its own plastic zipper case for storing colored pencils.

September contest: Favorite performance tool

This month's issue features Linux performance tools. So, this month, we are asking you to tell us what your favorite Linux performance tuning or monitoring tool is and why. As an administrator or developer, what tool really makes your life easier? Is there an analysis tool you just can't do without? Tell us about it and you just might win a $20 gift certificate to our Cool Stuff Store.