Issue #11 September 2005

Fedora™ status report

Summer of Code and Fedora

Fedora concluded its involvement with the Summer of Code project in early September. Eight projects emerged as winners:

  • Global bash history. Bash history can now be shared among all bash instances.
  • User backup tool. Allows back up of a user's home directory to CD.
  • System calls to set process rlimits for other processes.
  • Python bindings for parted, the partition editing tool.
  • Install coverage testing, a tool that allows Fedora users to opt-in to provide Fedora with system information.
  • Intelligent/predictive readahead() daemon, which preloads executables and libraries that are likely to be needed.
  • autoconf/automake for Fedora Directory Server, which makes it easier to build and install.
  • Live CD generation tool, which allows users to build custom Fedora-based Live CDs easily.

Read more about these projects.

Update: Fedora Live CD Project

On September 1, as part of the Google Summer of Code project, Darko Ilic announced Kadischi, a tool for generating Live CDs based on Fedora. The Fedora Live CD project is now looking for interesting Live CD projects generated with Kadischi.

Join the Fedora Live CD project.

Getting Ready: FUDCon London 2005

FUDCon London 2005, the third gathering of Fedora Users and Developers, will be held at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo UK, on the 6th of October in London, UK.

The schedule for this event has been finalized and is available at Those who wish to attend FUDCon must register for LinuxWorld UK. Advance registration is free; attendance is 15 GBP on the day of the show. More information is available.

See you in London!

Fedora Core 4 status

Fedora Core 4 was announced to fedora-announce-list on June 13, 2005. Since that date, Fedora has been successfully downloaded from the Torrent more than 100,000 times.

Since Fedora Core 4's initial release, at least 220 newly updated packages have been released. New package releases are announced on fedora-announce-list.

Fedora Extras status report

Over 2000 packages are currently under maintenance for the Fedora Extras repository for Fedora Core 4, for i386, x86_64 and ppc. Fedora Extras repository contents are viewable for i386 and x86-64. New maintainers are welcome; the process for becoming a maintainer for Fedora Extras is documented at

There are a number of packages in Fedora Extras that are currently without maintainers. These are listed at The process for claiming maintainership of an orphaned package is also documented.