Issue #15 January 2006

Open source has made its way into businesses, schools, and governments all over the world. We took some time this month to look at developing Linux® markets in Asia--India, China, and Malaysia. This issue offers the perspectives of top executives, educators, and local Linux users.

Featured articles:

Asia, the questions we ask

Red Hat's Vice President of Open Source Affairs shares his experiences traveling across Asia, realizing he's learned more from the best questions than the best answers.

What does open source mean in India?

In India, where 350 million are under 12 and 500 million are in their twenties, open source in setting a precedent across culture and business models. Read along as the President of Red Hat India talks about education, patent rights, and the effect open source will have on India's young culture.

Localization as a movement in India

How important is language to both the preservation of our cultures and the future? A Hindi language maintainer gives his viewpoint on the movement and speculates on what it will take in a country with over 500 languages, 22 sanctioned as official.

Free and open software in Malaysia

A developing nation strives to become a developed nation by 2020, and open source plays a large role in its progress.

The journey to cross the chasm—Red Hat China review and plan

The General Manager of Red Hat China speaks about how far they have come, and about the future challenges and opportunities.

A long talk with Cory Doctorow: Part I

Red Hat Magazine sits down for a chat with the science fiction author (and EFF fellow) who puts his money-maker where his mouth is. This month: Boy meets web, and declares the publishing world must adapt or die. Read all about him before his keynote at this year's Red Hat Summit.

Open source for non-profits

Free software developers are no strangers to giving back. Here's a look at how open source software and the sysadmins who use it can help communities a little closer to home.

Book review:
Producing Open Source Software

Some open source projects succeed. Others fail. Karl Fogel's Producing Open Source Software offers advice to help you improve the odds with your project.

Video: Red Hat Interns

  Do you have weekly meetings with the executives of a multinational software company? For our summer interns, that's just another day at Red Hat. Watch the video they made to illustrate the experience.

Red Hat tops CIO Insight Survey for second-straight year

The annual CIO Insight Vendor Value survey results are in, and Red Hat sits at the top once again.

All future, no shock: Customizing your Linux desktop

One Red Hat technical writer philosophizes on Toffler, the rate of exponential change, and how you can customize your Linux window to the world of work and play and create your own little comfort zone within the chaos.

Video: Business Objects Business Intelligence Applications For Linux

  Hear Business Objects Director of Product Marketing, James Thomas, talk about new Business Intelligence (BI) Applications for Linux.

Using valgrind to detect and prevent application memory problems

Find out how valgrind can track down those bugs and detect invalid write accesses, attempted reads of uninitialized memory, and the use of undefined values.

Webcast: Optimizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HP® BladeSystem™

  Learn how HP and Red Hat have joined forces to create a new solution specifically designed for deploying and managing Linux on HP BladeSystem servers. Watch the webcast and read the article.

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