Issue #17 March 2006

Virtualization is not a new concept, but the extrapolation of technology over this framework creates new ways to deliver services, provide stability, and allow experimentation. The solution can also centralize control, isolate applications, and run multiple instances of operating systems. Get virtualized...

Featured articles:

What is virtualization?

Red Hat Magazine scoured the web, read the whitepapers, and asked the experts. What does virtualization mean, and how can it help your network?

An interview with Brian Stein

Red Hat Magazine editors (with some help from the Shadowman) ask the tough questions about Xen and the art of virtualization.

Virtualization Resource Center goes live

We're putting our money where our mouth is--Red Hat's new virtualization clearing house has all the information your business needs to take advantage of this technology.

Introduction to DocBook XML, part 2

The wait's over and our resident writer and engineer, Paul Frields, continues his instruction on DocBook with part 2 devoted to the Extensible Stylesheet Language and XSL Transformation. Look out data, we're putting you in the open source format.

Risk Report: A year of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

What defines transparency? The ability to expose the worst with the best, to be accountable. Mark Cox, manager of Red Hat Security Response Team gives up the goods, revealing the state of security since the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 including metrics, key vulnerabilities, and the most common ways users were affected by security issues.

Video: Red Hat Summit Nashville

  Get a taste of Music City life and check out the headliners in our big show. You won't want to miss it.

LibriVox gives books a voice in the public domain

Wish you could take your favorite classic on the road? Now you can. A collaborative project to create audio books from public domain works is underway. See how you can get involved.

See you at the Summit: Eben Moglen

You'll be reading about this guy in the history books one day. Find out how legal scholar and GPL author Moglen wants to change the way we think about intellectual property.

Developers: Come play with us and build the future

The One Laptop Per Child project has released a Developer's kit and a challenge: create the software that's going to change the lives of children all over the world. Get the specs.

Book review: Active Liberty

Michael Tiemann, Red Hat's VP of Open Source Affairs and a noted bibliophile, reviews Justice Stephen Breyer's book on the law, freedom, and the process of justice.

Video: Skanska

  A Swedish construction company saves money and improves performance by trading Solaris for Linux. Hear why they did it.

Book review: Linux Patch Management

Engineer Brock Organ reviews the latest volume from Bruce Perens' Open Source Series.

Podcast: So you'd like to contribute to open source software

creative commons  Performance tools engineer Will Cohen gave a talk encouraging participation in open source development--and not just engineers. Red Hat Magazine recorded his message, borrowed his slide deck, and is helping spread the word far and wide.

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