Issue #18 April 2006

Thomas Edison said genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. This month we pay tribute to the tenacity and sweat of the geniuses of the Fedora Project, who just released Fedora™ Core 5.

Featured articles:

Inside Fedora Core 5

New installer, new desktop, new software package management, new security features. Your guide to all the fun you can have with Fedora Core 5. P.S. It's new.

Introduction to Eclipse on Fedora

Eclipse™ is an open source development platform that plays a feature role in Fedora Core 5. We've got the full story--its history, where it's at today, where it's headed.

Confessions of an Eclipse convert

A skeptical Emacs™ fan tests Eclipse, described by some as 'the premiere open source integrated development environment.' Did the tool live up to the hype? Is it sundown for Emacs?

FUDCon Friday

Torrential rain. A smashed windshield. Missing DVDs. Just when it seemed like the theme for this year's FUDCon Boston would be "Murphy's Law," the open source community rallied together and turned the event around. Greg DeKoenigsberg tells the whole story.

Fedora Reloaded: Episode 5

(podcast)  The usual suspects from talk with David Woodhouse about Fedora™ on PPC. They also check in with Fedora Project Board leaders. Hilarity ensues...

The future of the Fedora community

(podcast)  Listen as Community Relations Manager Greg DeKoenigsberg interviews new Fedora™ Project Leader Max Spevack about FUDCon Boston, the release of Fedora Core 5, and plans for Fedora Core 6.

Red Hat to acquire JBoss

Get the latest information.

Certified engineer and jazz musician lives to improvise

(podcast)  Red Hat® Certified Engineer® Ivan Fetch, Systems Administrator at Denver University, sees things differently, whether he's laying down code or improv melodies. Don't miss the podcast.

Red Hat Summit: He came, he saw, he got a job

(video)  How one amiable RHCE® turned a productive trip to the Summit into a career opportunity. Looking for a reason to attend the Summit? Jon Benedict knows a few.

Red Hat plans Summit IP panel

Patent law, copyright law, and intellectual property rights are critical to our future. How open will content be? How freely can ideas be shared? This year's Summit is bringing together sharp legal minds for a panel discussion on that very topic.

UNC Symposium on Intellectual Property, Creativity, and the Innovation Process

Did you miss the IP Symposium? Catch up now--you might see a few faces you recognize.

Opening Red Hat Knowledgebase

Red Hat Magazine talks with two of the caretakers of the open (and now registration-free) Red Hat Knowledgebase.

Volunteers join Sri Lanka tsunami relief effort

(video)  Two weeks. Twenty-two volunteers. Seven houses. A village in Sri Lanka, once devastated by the tsunami, begins to rebuild.

Virtualization: What's happening lately?

Virtualization. More than a buzz word. Read the latest news and developments.

CD-adapco lowers costs, increases performance with GFS

(video)  See how Red Hat Global File System and in-house UNIX® experts helped CD-adapco Vice President Dennis Nagyis streamline even the most complicated calculations.

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