Issue #19 May 2006

artwork by Issara Willenskomer

Design thinking is a fresh way of reframing everyday projects and problems. Find out what all the fuss is about as we show you how this creative approach fits perfectly with the principles of open source, collaboration, and sharing.

Featured articles:

Intro to design thinking

It's more than a trend. Businesses around the world are embracing design thinking and reaping the rewards. We interview our own VP of Brand Communications + Design to find out why.

Better Linux release notes through design thinking

The Fedora™ Documentation Project improves their release notes by taking a cue from the newsroom. See design thinking principles applied to an open source endeavor.

Nashville institution influences Summit design

What do you get when you cross a 21st-century technology company with a 19th-century print shop? A collaborative effort that combines the best of both worlds. The proof is in the poster.

[Graphic] design exposed

Two designers talk about freedom, the graphic design industry, and the crippling nature of copyright. One is our own, the other a pioneer who offers up his source files free for fair use.

Design books that inspire us

Want more information about design thinking? Here's a few of our favorite books on the subject.

Podcasting in open source

From portable music players to hacking iTunes, this article will have you ready to download, produce, or push for your favorite podcasts in OGG format--on any platform.

The Nashville Feed: Sounds of Music City

(podcast) creative commons  The Nashville Feed brings together independent musicians and Nashville culture in a monthly podcast. Hear producer Dave Beronja's thoughts--and some of his favorite free music--in this audio interview.

Lyceum: One installation, many blogs

Good news, bloggers. The geniuses at ibiblio have been busy developing Lyceum, an open source multi-user blogging tool based on WordPress. Get the details (and check out the demo installation).

Release early, release often: Why?

(podcast) creative commons  Greg DeKoenigsberg interviews Chris Blizzard on the open source principle, "Release early, release often."

Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

You asked: How do features get into the next release of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®? We say: It all starts with the Fedora™ Project. The first article in our four-part series explains the differences between the Fedora Project and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the benefits and purposes of both.

Nashville by day or night

Heading to Nashville for the Summit? A Music City local tells us what to see, where to eat, and which places are still open after the Summit parties.

Running Linux on small servers

Can open source benefit file, print, or web servers? See how Linux's reliability and stability make it perfect for the job. Plus, make your IT guys love you: Win your company a Red Hat infrastructure package valued at over $20,000.

FAA saves $15 million

The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced a migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Find out what they've gained and how much they've saved in the process.

Muvee-making with Linux and Xen

(video)  When Muvee Technologies started their business, they needed cheap, stable servers. Red Hat Linux was the answer. As they grew, they needed more robust networks that could support more tasks and users. They migrated to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it was easy. Hear why they chose Linux both times.

Why Red Hat is interested in virtualization

(video)  Tim Yeaton explains why Red Hat launched the Virtualization Resource Center, what virtualization can do, and why customers are looking for it. Listen to his perspective on virtualization and the future of server utilization.

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