Issue #20 June 2006

Red Hat Summit review

We've barely had time to unpack our suitcases, but we did manage to bring back a few party favors from this month's Red Hat Summit. Watch the keynote speeches, get updates on our announcements, and take a taste of Music City, open source style.

Featured articles:

Visionary keynote: Cory Doctorow

(video)  Everyone's favorite sci-fi author and EFF Fellow kills the Summit crowd with his wryly precise take on proprietary software, DMCA, privacy, evolution, and piracy. Yar, matey.

Visionary keynote: Eben Moglen

(video)  This law professor from Columbia and legal counsel for the GPLv3 works hard to keep freedom safe. When he's not teaching law students, he's directing the Software Freedom Law Center, or educating the rest of us. Get your notebooks out. Class is in session.

Opening keynote: Matthew Szulik

(video)  Red Hat's Chairman, CEO, and President welcomes everyone to the Summit, and sets the stage with frank discussion about open document format, patent legislation, and the value of transparency and truth. Bonus footage includes info on Red Hat's newest projects: 108, Mugshot, and One Laptop per Child.

Mugshot: Get in on the racket

What's Mugshot? Lay the rumors to rest and get the facts (and all the gory details) about the social experience project that debuted in Nashville.

Collaborate with 108

The man behind Red Hat's new web-based developer and collaboration space takes a few minutes to give us the details, documentation-style. Find out what's there, what's in store, and how to get involved.

The many meanings of 108

(podcast) creative commons  What is 108? Rebecca Fernandez interviews Karsten Wade and Todd Barr, then takes a tour of the website to find out more about this new collaborative space.

Automated GUI testing with Dogtail

Tired of wandering in the wilderness when it comes to building automated Linux® GUI tests? Get introduced to Dogtail. Interface testing isn't just for Windows anymore.

Fedora fun at the Summit

One ardent Fedora supporter makes it to the Summit where hilarity, merriment, and geekspeak satisfied his love for all things Linux.

Making yourself heard in Music City

Country music isn't the only thing we listened to in Nashville. Cory Doctorow and Eben Moglen both had something to say about copyright protection and the state of the music industry. Music fans, unite.

If it's not in Bugzilla, it's not a bug

One of the advantages of open source software is the speed at which flaws are found and fixed. How does that happen? What should you do if you find a bug? The maintainer of Red Hat's bug tracking system explains all.

Brad Sucks, the open source one-man band

(podcast) creative commons  Community Relations Manager Greg DeKoenigsberg sits down for a chat with open source music man Brad Turcotte. They talk about his songs, his association with Magnatune, how he's collaborating with others on the web, and why releasing the source of his music is such a good thing.

GnuCash for personal accounting

Bring your finances into Fedora with GnuCash. We'll show you how.

Developing web apps: Spring is here

Catch the first in our two-part series that explores the lightweight Spring development framework for web applications.

The Fedora™ Project and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, part 2

Part two of this series explores the people behind the scenes and in front of the screens. Compare the two distributions, from the methods of development to the needs of the users.

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