Issue #21 July 2006

Red Hat in Latin America

Revolutions happen in time--the right time--when a saturation of need and frustration brings the movement to the forefront. It's no surprise that developing countries like Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina are embracing a radical, yet logical, move to open source solutions. The environment couldn't be more conducive to growth.

This month we celebrate Red Hat's official collaboration with offices in Brazil and Argentina, doing business in a region as diverse and vibrant as open source itself: Latin America.

Featured articles:

A traveler's diary: Red Hat in Latin America

One Red Hat associate revisits her old stomping grounds and celebrates at Linuxworld Brazil.

Sharing the music of Latin America

(podcast) creative commons  Three artists and a record label release music in an unusual way--sharing revenue. Hear the songs and learn more about Magnatune.

Brazil hosts the International Free Software Forum

(podcast) creative commons  Chris Blizzard reports back and discusses open source in Latin America.

Craig of craigslist talks to Red Hat

(podcast) creative commons  We sat down and talked with the Craig, czar of the new breed of classifieds.

Data sharing with a Red Hat GFS storage cluster

Don't miss this update to an article published in April 2005. Engineers and managers from ATIX share their expertise.

German-based ATIX customizes storage solutions

(video) creative commons  Solutions provider ATIX solves data storage problems for other companies--and finds its own solution in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Dogtail Python Modules (and how to use them)

Part 2 in our series gets under the hood of Dogtail, an automated GUI test framework.

Meet the iPod alternative: iAudio

It's so tiny and cute--the chicks really dig it. What's better? It plays nearly every audio file format under the sun.

Virtualization gets real at Red Hat

(video)  Scott Crenshaw, Senior Director Product Management and Marketing, discusses how Red Hat's integrated virtualization provides solutions to business problems.

Introduction to Apache Axis2

Axis2 offers web services stacks, production-ready and open for business. Open source business.

The Fedora Project and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, part 3

How is Fedora™ Core developed? See how it all comes together as the story continues.

The first [open source] American

This year is the 300th anniversary of Ben Franklin's birthday, and we celebrate his open source ideals.

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