Music publishers seek to silence guitar tablature sites

Online guitar tabs by the community, for the community. Taken offline by charges of copyright infringement. What will it take to get them back?

Making music with Fedora Core 5

A music workstation on Linux? Turn your Fedora Core box into a sound station with Rosegarden.

Jamendo: Music the way it was meant to be

This online archive lets you download songs that are low-cost, DRM-free, and licensed under Creative Commons. If iTunes were open, it might sound this good.

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Edward Felten debunks DRM

In this follow-up to last week's podcast, Felten explains why content distributors desire DRM, and how it could limit future freedoms for the rest of us.

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Duration: 12:39

Introduction to web services

SOA, SOAP, HTTP--is it all alphabet soup? Free yourself from misconceptions and object-centric myths and discover the flexibilty of the web services stack.

Ask Shadowman

Shadowman recommends some of his favorite sources for sound--and answers a few questions about Red Hat certifications, rm -rf and chattr.

Tips and tricks

AMD Opteron chip, PCI hardware and the kernel, moving files to NFS mount points, SCSI errors with multipathing.

RSS how-to: Get your feed on

Red Hat Magazine's making changes to take advantage of RSS. Not sure what that means or how it can help? We've got some advice for newbies, and some suggestions that even an expert might appreciate.

Take our RSS survey

How RSS-savvy are you? Take five minutes and tell us how you use it, your favorite feeds, and how you prefer to receive them.

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Edward Felten defends your freedom to tinker

When Sony introduced a root kit disguised as your favorite CD, Princeton's Ed Felten called them out. Hear him tell the story during a recent visit to Red Hat.

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Frysk: Debugging in real time

Monitor your programs, find your bugs, and do it all in real time. First of a three-part series.

Red Hat Speaks: Aaron Darcy and the application stack

Seen the press? Red Hat + JBoss equals first integrated open source stack. We tracked down the project's team lead.

Fedora status report

Get your Fedora fix with this month's summary. All the news the community sees fit to print.

Tips and tricks

Using proc, deciphering tracebacks from Oracle db, Apache httpd using SSL, kernel-ib package failure with up2date, and LVM for host-based mirroring.

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