September 28, 2006

Fedora™ status report, September 2006

edited by Max Spevack

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In this issue:

Max Spevack: Fedora on Slashdot

Max Spevack points out in his blog:

The results of the interview that I did with Slashdot went up today. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Judging from what I've seen in the comments so far, it's a good day for Fedora. Thanks to everyone who read the rough draft and helped with suggestions, etc.

Jesse Keating: Fedora Legacy Answers

JesseKeating points out in his blog:

Well, the obvious answer is I've started to move into Extras space (: Work is ongoing to integrate Legacy into the Extras build systems, CVS space, and in some way publish space. My goal is to be integrated shortly after FC6 launches and well before FC 5 goes into maintenance mode (when Legacy takes care of it). We already have a CVS system, the cvslegacy group in Fedora accounts, and soon we'll have plague /mock configs to use with in the Extras space. This should make it much easier for folks to contribute not just to Extras but to Legacy as well.

Rahul Sundaram: Red Hat and Intellectual Property Reform

Rahul Sundaram points out in his blog:

The developers have a strong commitment towards Free and open source software that should be clear to involve involved in but it's far from a smooth ride. There are internal challenges for example to make sure that trademarks as a form of intellectual property is not lost yet compatible with the needs of the Free software community and external continous changes in other fields with the rise of other forms of open content like music or the site I have used to define it - Wikipedia are all signs of a continous change that we need to understand better.

Luke Macken: Teaching an old pup some new tricks

Luke Macken points out in his blog:

Thanks to the previously mentioned core update metadata enhancements that I've been working on lately, we are now able to do some pretty neat stuff with our package updating tools. So last week I cranked out a bunch of code for Fedora's package updater (pup) and it's notification applet (puplet) to utilize this new enhanced metadata and actually provide the user with some useful information.

Tom Tromey: Fedora Core 6 Test 2

Tom Tromey points out in his blog:

FC6 is shipping a new Eclipse--3.2. This works pretty well; I found a bug or two and reported them, but nothing too serious. So far I haven't explored many of the new features, but I did notice that I can now background 'cvs diff' operations. I've been wanting that for a while...Overall FC6T2 looks quite good to me. I'm constantly amazed that this whole process (not Fedora, but the entire free software setup) produces good results--and yet it does, year after year.

XenSource CTO Talks Up Xen Virtualization

According to recent article published at E-Commerce News:

Watch for product from Red Hat -- Fedora Core 6 is almost ready, with the latest Xen bits. This will evolve into RHEL 5. Powerful new SMP (symmetric multi-processing) scheduling support, enhanced support for VT and AMD V processors, a new shadow page table implementation and impressive performance gains for HVM (hardware virtual machine) guests. There is a lot of testing to do, and the community is working very hard to increase the scope of guest support and feature set coverage as Xen goes to market. 2006 is all about Xen going to market.

OLPC laptops to debut with Thai kids

According to recnet article published at CNN:

The One Laptop Per Child program, which began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab and now is a separate nonprofit organization, hopes to deploy 5 million to 7 million machines in Thailand, Nigeria, Brazil and Argentina in 2007. Thailand's government is expected to buy 1 million in the first year.

According to Christopher Blizzard:

Yeah, and this is the first olpc news that I've seen in a long time that's actually backed by some facts!

Where's Red Hat? Peek Under Fedora

According to recent article published at InternetNews:

Fedora Core 6 is slated for release on October 9th, and is expected to include a laundry list of visible and under the hood improvements to Red Hat's community distro. FC 6 is also expected to take advantage of the AIGLX framework for improved 3D graphics.Compiz will complement the existing Metacity window manager.Testing the Linux desktop is also expected to get a boost in FC6 with the Dogtail application, which is a graphical test and automation framework. Java integration improvements are also on deck in FC 6 by way of the GCJ Web plugin, which is designed to enable Java applets to run by default in Mozilla Firefox. FC 6 also takes a stab at internationalization support. FC 6 will also sport a management tool for Xen Virtualization, which was introduced in the current Fedora Core 5 build.

Fedora Weekly Reports 2006-08-14

We have a new effort in place to report The Board news as well as Meeting Minutes from each sub-project for Fedora community to gather information on the happenings in the Fedora universe in a easily digestible and referenceable format.

Join Fedora @ LinuxWorld SF 2006

Jack Aboutboul announces in fedora-announce-list:

Fedora welcomes all community members and anyone interested in learning about attaining freedom through software. Don't know what Linux or Fedora is? Interested in learning more about Linux, Fedora and how they can benefit you? Stop by the booth and ask your questions and get free stuff!

Announcing Fedora Core 6 Test 2

JesseKeating announces in fedora-announce-list:

The Fedora Project announces the second release of the Fedora Core 6 development cycle, available for the i386, x86_64, and ppc/ppc64 architectures, including Intel based Macintosh computers. Beware that Test releases are recommended only for Linux experts/enthusiasts or for the technology evaluation, as many parts are likely to be broken and the rate of change is rapid.

Fedora Core 4 Transferred to Fedora Legacy

BillNottingham announces in fedora-announce-list:

With the release of Fedora Core 6 Test 2, the Fedora Core Steering Committee would like to announce the transfer of Fedora Core 4 to the Fedora Legacy Project. For more information on the Fedora Legacy Project, or if you wish to join the team, please see

Fedora Core 4 Support and Yum Config

JesseKeating announces in fedora-legacy-announce:

With the release of Fedora Core 6 Test 2, Fedora Core 4 enters maintenance mode, where Fedora Legacy will be responsible for security and major bugfix updates. At this time we also announce the end of life for Fedora Core 1 and 2. No new bugreports will be accepted, existing reports will be closed out as best as we can.

He also announces in fedora-legacy-announce:

The Fedora Legacy project has released yum configs for Fedora Core 4. Currently there are no Fedora Legacy updates for 4, however the latest updates as released by the Fedora Project are available.

Fedora usability was born!

DamienDurand announces in fedora-announce-list:

The Fedora Usability project aims to provide coherence, accessibility and intuivity for all people using Fedora Core and its associated resources. Fedora must be easy and making things simple and coherent for a pleasant use is my objectif with this project.

Review: Fedora Core 6 - First Impressions

According to recent reivew published in O'Reilly Network:

The step from FC5 to FC6 is smaller and more evolutionary than FC4 to FC5...Overall, FC6 looks and feels like a more solid, polished version of FC5 rather than a wholesale revamp. I look forward to the finished product this fall.

Fedora Core 6 Test 2 Screenshot Tour

Fedora Weekly Reports 2006-08-07

We have a new effort in place to report The Board news as well as Meeting Minutes from each sub-project for Fedora community to gather information on the happenings in the Fedora universe in a easily digestible and referenceable format. wiki down

On August 3rd, wiki site was not available for a couple of hours. According to Patrick Barnes's announcement in fedora-announces-list:

A hardware failure was the cause of the problem. We have restored the site from a recent backup and services should now be returning to normal. Since we were forced to use a backup, some of the most recent changes may have been lost. If you made any changes over the last 24-48 hours, you may need to repeat those changes. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Updated Fedora Core 6 Schedule

Jeremy Katz announces in fedora-announce-list:

Later than expected, we have now gotten to where Xen is working with current kernels and are ready to actually freeze and release test2. We are currently working with the already frozen bits to get a tree ready and plan to release to the world on Monday, 7 August 2006. The relevant changes to the rest of the schedule have been made to the official schedule page at Thanks for being patient as we've worked through some of this!

Red Hat Survey for Fedora Community

Tom 'Spot' Callaway points out in his blog:

Red Hat wants to know what you think of Red Hat. Why? Because we want you to like us, and we want to make sure we know about the things that you don't like. So, if you use Linux either personally or professionally, please take a few minutes and fill out our little survey:

No country orders for OLPC laptops

Christopher Blizzard points out in his blog:

I keep seeing this meme reported over and over again: that One Laptop per Child has gotten commitments from countries that add up to 4 million laptops. This is not true. I want to make this very clear. I work in the One Laptop office every day and I'm generally aware of what's going on with the various countries. I have talked with the stakeholders inside of the One Laptop organization and can confirm that nothing has been signed, and no country has yet been asked to sign.

What Is Fedora's Prime Directive?

According to eWeek's recent article:

By the metric of innovation, Fedora's been a smashing success. However, for the volunteers out there who build packages for Fedora and who file bugs for Fedora and who cover news in the Fedora community, it's perhaps time to examine whether to shift their efforts to a distribution for which Job One is being a supported, user-focused operating system, rather than being a proving ground for a separate product that's focused on the needs of others.

Fedora wants to draw in women

According to ZDNet's recent article:

Open-source project Fedora has launched Fedora Women, a forum and mailing list, in an effort to encourage more female developers to participate in its community...Fedora Women aims to support the existing community of female coders through a dedicated discussion arena and mailing list for women involved in the project.

Fedora Weekly Reports 2006-07-31

We have a new effort in place to report The Board news as well as Meeting Minutes from each sub-project for Fedora community to gather information on the happenings in the Fedora universe in a easily digestible and referenceable format.

Fedora Core 4 and 5 Updates

During the week of July 31 - August 06, Fedora Project released 03 Fedora Core 4 Updates including 02 Security Advisory.

During the week of July 31 - August 06, Fedora Project released 18 Fedora Core 5 Updates including 02 Security Advisory.

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