September 28, 2006

Edward Felten debunks DRM

produced by Kristin Hondros

Edward Felten's headshot

Edward Felten is a professor of computer science and public affairs at Princeton University--which means that he takes a keen interest in those areas where technology and public policy intersect.

Right now, Ed is writing a lot about the accuracy of electronic voting. He's most famous, though, for his groundbreaking analysis of the problems around Digital Rights Management (DRM). When Sony put software on their music CDs that hacked their own customers' computers, it was Ed and his team who uncovered the hack and forced Sony to change their tune.

We were happy to have Ed visit the Red Hat office in Westford, Massachuetts, and glad that we can share his talks with you. If you're subscribed to our feed, you might have already caught the first part of the conversation.

You can read more about Ed's work at his blog, Freedom to Tinker.

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