September 28, 2006

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Keeping up with what's on the web is a requirement for working at an online magazine. And, somehow, once you get started, it's kind of hard to stop. Interesting information has never been more accessible and available than it is today, and we aim to take full advantage of that. So here's a giant list of what we're reading--we hope you find something new that makes it to your daily feed.

Kristina Bowen, Advertising guru

Red Hat Magazine :-):
ESPN top headlines:
Quotes of the day:
Weather - National weather:
RGoods Latest:
Business 2.0 - Technology:

Greg DeKoenigsberg

Freedom to Tinker:

Bascha Harris

Mr Bento Porn:
Go Fug Yourself:
What's new at Snopes (Urban Legends):
NPR top stories:
Fast Company:
Rolling Stone:
I Blame the Patriarchy:

Jonathan Opp

BBC News (world news):
Pitchfork Media (best music review site on the web):
New York Times (lots of feeds to pick from):

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