Articles from October 2006

Inside Fedora Core 6

The new Fedora Core will be here Real Soon Now™. More improvements, more support. Better virtualization, lots of performance boosts. Plus? One snazzy new look.

Squeezebox brings online music into your living room

Squeezebox is hot. The ultimate gadget for internet radio lovers--powered by open source. We talk with Dean Blackketter, CTO of Slim Devices.

Commentary: Guitar tablature builds a market around making music

We recently brought you the story of how music publishers challenged sites that traded guitar tablature. Here we offer an editorial from the author's perspective.

Red Hat Speaks: Jesse Keating on the naming of Fedora

Keating, the Fedora Project Release Engineer, reveals the open process used to name Fedora Core 6. Meet the contenders.

How to use Kickstart (Anaconda's remote control)

You're 500 miles away from the office and need to re-install your server. If you have Anaconda, it's no problem at all. See how kickstart can make a sysadmin's job more simple.

Tips and tricks

lsusb, making audio work, unsupported dictionary types, XDMCP, and remote access to a local display manager.

The Frysk Monitor

Last month, you met Frysk. In part two of this three-part series, get to know the Frysk Monitor as Wagiaalla shows you how to debug on the fly.

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