October 12, 2006

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When truth happens, we're there

We're interested in so many things--open source, collaboration, intellectual property rights, technology. We can't possibly cover every topic from every angle every month. And that's where Truth happens comes in.

Truth happens is a section of our website that's been around for a while. Recently, it's gotten a facelift--and some new features. The technologies we're using at Red Hat Magazine are spreading. The truth happens page now sports its own RSS feed, and a mini-gallery of videos and other multimedia we think are interesting--and important.

All the multimedia that's highlighted is made with open source tools, and licensed under Creative Commons licenses. So when you see something you like, you can share it. Just like we're sharing with you.

We're keeping the original feature from truth happens: our list of links to articles and essays by writers who 'get it.' Sometimes we don't have time to write about it, or we read something somewhere else that says it clearer than we ever could.

We just want to let you know about it. Truth is happening. Check it out.