Good things come in pairs.

It's the beginning of the holiday season here at Red Hat HQ and we're in a festive mood. Fedora™ Core 6 is out the door (and the DVDs have arrived), and the elves--er, engineers--are hard at work on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5. Here at the magazine, we're readying a few gifts of our own. We see from our statistics and page ratings (thanks!) that the how-to articles are among our most popular. In this issue we've got two. Spend your holiday break setting up your home network--Shannon and Stuart will help you get email and DNS running smoothly.

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The geek gift guide (and giveaway)

Is your honey a hard-to-buy-for geek? Are you a technologist whose presents are never up to par? If so, this list is for you. Holiday bonus: A prize pack made up of selected gifts from our list.

How to set up a home email server
(without being spammed to death)

Want complete control over your inbox? Send and receive email--and filter spam--yourself.

How to set up a home DNS server

Customize your domain from the comfort--and security--of your home computer. An experienced RHCE will be your guide.

The road to Tibet

When the symposium ended in Delhi, one traveller took the 12-hour drive to meet with Tibetans in exile--innovators he's known for a decade through their work with ibiblio.

Peace in our time

Inspired by brilliant bloggers? We are too. This week, we couldn't help but marvel at one of our own.

Ask Shadowman

Find out what Shadowman thinks of Oracle, Novell, and Sun.

Tips & tricks

Mounting GFS with a cluster, Sockets Direct Protocol, and access controls.

What the world needs now.

Despite opposition, truth happens. We say this a lot. We even put it on t-shirts. But this past month held more opposition than usual.

If you keep up with tech news, you know that Oracle announced a support package for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. "Unbreakable Linux" will essentially create a forked distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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A society that shares: India's tradition of knowledge

Intellectual property. Who does it help? An Indian man examines his country's history and concludes that shared knowledge benefits everyone. And the economy.

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The road to Delhi with Eben Moglen and Paul Jones

[ still photo ]

When Moglen and Jones show up to your party, things are bound to get interesting. We caught up with them at the Knowledge Symposium in Delhi, India. And when two open source experts talk, we don't just listen. We get it on tape.

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Duration: 08:47

xkcd: a comic strip for the computer geek

They're stick figures with geek humor. We chat with xkcd creator Randall Munroe about Creative Commons, digital rights management, and his Internet hit comic strip.

Ruby on Rails on Red Hat

Want to run Ruby on Linux? Follow the instructions in this article to write your first application. It couldn't be easier.

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Why went open source

[ still photo ]

You've used their service to book your travel--doesn't it feel good to know it's open source?

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Duration: 03:12

Tips & tricks

USB without drivers, external USB drives and large files, named errors, and gnome-terminal's LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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CitiStreet hits the road running with Red Hat

[ still photo ]
When CitiStreet outgrew their 2001 Java and BEA WebLogic migration, they opted for a more scalable, fully open source solution. See how they implemented JBoss and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, setting open source as the new standard for their company.

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Duration: 03:20

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