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No such list enigma-list

Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on www.redhat.com. Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

(Send questions and comments to extmm@redhat.com.)

List Description
2017napc For partners to reply to with questions about the NAPC event.
3scale 3scale Sales Integration Questions
Accelerators-community Private communication amongst community members
Adminsupport-rha [no description available]
Airtelsupport For a large Customer- Airtel
almighty-public To discuss ideas, designs and code around ALMighty
amd64-list Discussion of AMD64 technology
Amps Red Hat Customer Community Group (External)
Amqp-security-list [no description available]
Amqp-transport-sig-list [no description available]
Anaconda-devel-list Discussion of Development and Customization of the Red Hat Linux Installer
Ansible-apps List for discussions around Ansible Applications & Ansible Service Broker.
Ansible-service-broker Discussions on the OpenShift Ansible Service Broker and Ansible Playbook Bundles (APBs)
Ansible-svcs-scoping Ansible Services Scoping Alias
Apac-gps-operations-team This is for APAC GPS Operations Team
Apac-svcs-ops This is for APAC Services Operations Team
ApacheWeek Apache Weekly Newsletter (text)
ApacheWeek-html Apache Weekly Newsletter (HTML)
Apisio Gather feedback and questions about apis.io project
application-assistance For assistance with applying to jobs.
Asean-fh Funded Head - Asean Team
Ataraid-list ATARAID (eg, Promise Fasttrak, Highpoint 370) related discussions
atp-brasil-list Brazilian ATPs mailing list
augeas-devel Augeas config API
Austroshift [no description available]
Autotest-kernel Development of the autotest framework
Avnet [no description available]
Avocado-devel Avocado is a set of tools and libraries to help with automated testing
Aws-test-drives [no description available]
Awstestdrives [no description available]
axp-list Linux on Alpha processors
Beanvalidation-tck Discussion around the Bean Validation specification and TCK
Bi-fin-unapproved-exp Distribution List for Unapproved Expenses Report for Finance AP
Bi-raleigh Business Intelligence Team - Raleigh Only
Bi-revenue-scheduling [no description available]
Blinux-announce Linux for the blind announcements
Blinux-develop Developing software for blind Linux users
Blinux-list Linux for blind general discussion
Brisbanesecurity [no description available]
Brno-edu Information channel for students about RH university program
Brnointern brnointern@redhat.com - Mailing list intended for people interested in getting more information about internship positions in Brno.
broadcom-list Broadcom cards on Red Hat Linux
Bsabadell List for BSabadell project coordionation
Buenosairessecurity [no description available]
Bugzilla-announce-list Red Hat Bugzilla Announcement List
Bunker [no description available]
C3 [no description available]
Caudit-au Email list for people enquiring about the Australian Caudit Agreement
cee-sales Internal Sales Team Communication in CEE Region
Central-partners-technical-audience Technical news for Red Hat reseller technical personnel
chicago-rhug [no description available]
Citellus-dev Citellus developer list
Cloudpartner Red Hat cloud partner discussion list
Cluster-devel [Cluster devel]
Commandlineheroes To consolidate the audience and responses to the Command Line Heroes newsletter
Compliance-china compliance customer communication
Compose-tools for compose team
Connect Inbound email catch all for external requests
Container-tools External mailing list to coordinate work for the Container Tools initiative
Coolkey-devel CoolKey annoucement, developer questions, and general discussion
Cpq-development-team This list is to support the development and delivery team for the CPQ project, inclusive of the developers, QA. BSA, and vendor/SI teams.
Crash-utility Discussion list for crash utility usage, maintenance and development
Crest-team-all Global Crest Team Mailing List
Cs-escalations For Customer Service Escalation
cs-questions cs-questions
Customer-engagement-emea Lead management mailing list which we can be used with our external customers
Customer-feedback Escalation for customer satisfaction issue.
Delloem Dell OEM global list
dev Developer discussions around OpenShift and OpenShift Origin
Devconf-volunteers To volunteers and collaborate
DevConfUS Planning, organizing, and executing the DevConf.us conference.
Developers Red Hat Developers
devstudio-earlyaccess-list [no description available]
Devtools Red Hat Developer tools Dev list
dm-devel device-mapper development
Doc-discussions [no description available]
Docker-maint [no description available]
Driver-updates-announce [no description available]
drivertool Discussion relating to the drivertool project
drools-research [no description available]
Dubaisecurity [no description available]
Email-reply [no description available]
Emea-isv marketing campaigns
Emedlab [no description available]
Enablement-latam Receive partner requirements or questions about our enablement program
enmasse Discuss issues, design, usage etc of EnMasse messaging service
EnterprisersProject Email list for managing the Enterprisers Project
Estor-test Preliminary Enterprise Storage Kernel Updates
Et-mgmt-commits-list commit logs for ET-management projects
event-jp event-jp
Exmh-users Discussion list for EXMH users
Exmh-workers Discussion list for EXMH developers
Ext3-users EXT3 Users Mailing List
Fabric8-analytics For contributors and community members to report, discuss and resolve issues in Fabric8 Analytics
Fabric8-analytics-dev For contributors (only) to report, discuss and resolve issues in Fabric8 Analytics
Fastcloud-rh Fastweb fastcloud project
fedora-advisory-board [no description available]
Fedora-ambassadors-list [no description available]
fedora-announce-list Announcements related to the Fedora Project
fedora-arm Discussions about the Fedora ARM Project
Fedora-art-list Fedora Art List
Fedora-bangladesh-list Fedora Bangladesh Discussion List
fedora-board-list Fedora Board discussion of sensitive issues
Fedora-buildsys-list Discussion of Fedora build system
Fedora-cs-list Fedora user list for Czech and Slovak people.
fedora-cvs-commits Fedora Core cvs commits
Fedora-de-list Fedora discussions in German
Fedora-desktop-list Discussions about development for the Fedora desktop
Fedora-devel-announce Announcements for Fedora Developers
fedora-devel-java-list Discussion list for java related Fedora development
fedora-devel-list Development discussions related to Fedora
Fedora-developer-sig [no description available]
Fedora-directory-announce Announcements for the 389 Directory server project
Fedora-directory-commits List of CVS commits to the 389 Directory server project
Fedora-directory-devel 389 Directory server developer discussion.
Fedora-directory-users General discussion list for the 389 Directory server project.
Fedora-docs-br Projeto de Documentação Fedora Brasil
Fedora-docs-commits For tracking commits to Docs Project owned modules
fedora-docs-list For participants of the Documentation Project
Fedora-eclipse-commits [no description available]
Fedora-edu-br [no description available]
Fedora-education-list Fedora Education Initiative
Fedora-el-list The mailing list of the greek Fedora community
Fedora-electronic-lab-list Discussion about features of Fedora Electronic Lab and opensource EDA software.
Fedora-es-list Fedora discussions in Spanish
fedora-extras-commits Fedora Extras CVS commits
fedora-extras-list Closed -- please use fedora-devel-list instead (Was: Discussion related to Fedora Extras)
Fedora-fonts-bugs-list Automated issue tracking on fonts and other Fedora text rendering components
Fedora-fonts-list Discussions on fonts and other Fedora text rendering components
Fedora-fr-list [no description available]
Fedora-games-list Fedora Games
Fedora-haskell-list Fedora Haskell SIG mailing-list
Fedora-he-list Fedora Hebrew discussions
Fedora-i18n-bugs Fedora Internationalization bugs list
Fedora-i18n-list Fedora internationalization discussions
Fedora-ia64-list ia64 Fedora Core Development
Fedora-india [no description available]
Fedora-infrastructure-list Fedora Infrastructure
Fedora-isv-sig-list [no description available]
Fedora-it-list Mailing list for Italian contributors and users.
Fedora-ja-list Fedora discussions in Japanese
Fedora-kernel-list Fedora kernel development.
Fedora-laptop-list Laptop related things
fedora-legacy-list Discussion of the Fedora Legacy Project
Fedora-legal-list [no description available]
fedora-list Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora.
Fedora-marketing-list For discussions about marketing and expanding the Fedora user base
Fedora-mentors-list Mailing list for Fedora project mentors
Fedora-mktg-poland List of Fedora marketing in Poland
Fedora-music-list [no description available]
Fedora-my-list Fedora Malaysia
Fedora-news-list [no description available]
Fedora-nightlife-devel-list [no description available]
Fedora-nightlife-list [no description available]
Fedora-ocaml-list Fedora OCaml list
Fedora-package-announce Fedora Package Announcements
Fedora-package-review Fedora Package Reviews
Fedora-packaging Discussion of RPM packaging standards and practices for Fedora
Fedora-perl-devel-list Fedora perl development team
Fedora-php-devel-list Fedora PHP development team
Fedora-python-devel-list Fedora Python SIG
Fedora-r-devel-list [no description available]
Fedora-relnotes-content Raw content for release notes and docs flows into this mailing list.
Fedora-robotics-list Fedora Robotics SIG
Fedora-security-commits Commit messages about changes in fedora-security module
Fedora-security-list Public discussions about Fedora Related security issues
fedora-selinux-list Fedora SELinux support list for users & developers.
Fedora-sparc [no description available]
fedora-suds-list [no description available]
fedora-test-list For testers of Fedora Core development releases
Fedora-trans-announce [no description available]
Fedora-trans-ar Arabic Translation Team for Fedora Core
Fedora-trans-az Fedora Translators into Azeri
Fedora-trans-bal Balochi Fedora Team
Fedora-trans-bg [no description available]
Fedora-trans-bn [no description available]
Fedora-trans-bn_in Mailing List for Fedora Bengali India Translation Community
Fedora-trans-el Discussions about fedora localization in the greek language
Fedora-trans-fa [no description available]
Fedora-trans-hi [no description available]
Fedora-trans-id [no description available]
Fedora-trans-ja Fedora translation discussion in Japanese
Fedora-trans-list Fedora Translation Project List
Fedora-trans-mr [no description available]
Fedora-trans-ru Mailing list for translators to Russian
Fedora-trans-si Discussions about fedora localization into Sinhala language.
Fedora-trans-sk [no description available]
Fedora-trans-sr Fedora Serbian translators team
Fedora-trans-te [no description available]
Fedora-trans-urdu Fedora Urdu Translator's Mailing List
Fedora-users-br Lista de discussão voltada para os usuários brasileiros do Fedora
Fedora-virt [no description available]
Fedora-virt-maint This list receives bugzilla email for all Fedora virtualization related bugs.
Fedora-websites-list For maintainers and developers of all formal Fedora websites.
Fedora-women-list List for discussion among the women of Fedora
Fedora-xen About using Xen with Fedora
Feedhenry-announce [no description available]
feedhenry-dev To discuss design, and development of the FeedHenry project, and its various aspects.
Feedhenry-raincatcher Place for the community the feedhenry-raincatcher porject
Firstaidkit-devel FirstAidKit development discussion
Freeipa-devel Discussion of the development of freeipa
Freeipa-interest Announcement for FreeIPA Project
Fujitsu-emea-quote-request An Email Address for Fujitsu to email us Quote Requests
Future-india [no description available]
Generali-wbi Migrazione WBI
Gov-edu-cloudusers external list to bring together the DOE/NASA/Edu/Sci Computing and other folks who are currently adopting OSP & CloudForms
gov-healthcare-tech low touch way to keep in customers interested in red hat
gov-sec US Government Security Standards
Gps-andean [no description available]
Gpte-shared-env-monitoring GPTE OCP Env Monitoring Notification List
Gsd-pmo Mailing list for GSD PMO projects
Gst-invoice Air tickets related GST invoices-Domestic and International
Hk-partner-list This is for the distribution to partners in HK
Hwcert-announce-list Announcements related to the Hardware Certification Program
Iasc Communication with IBM Application Solution Corporation
Ibm-partner-jp IBM partner sales mailing list
Ic-india Internal committee related communication
Image-factory [no description available]
Innovation Team to support the public domain innovation.redhat.com
instantmirror-list InstantMirror discussion list
Internal-rh-ml-prc [no description available]
Iot-qe-brno Discuss topics related to IoT QE
Ipa-feedback [no description available]
It-renewal-notifications [no description available]
Itil-discussion [no description available]
japan-ccsp For CCSP Japan Team use case
Java-info Destination list for Java/JBoss candidate's CVs in Brno
Jbds-earlyaccess-list [no description available]
Jboss-dv-ea-feedback List to collect feedback on early access to Data Virtualization.
Jboss-eap-beta-list [no description available]
Jboss-eap-early-access [no description available]
Jboss-parceiros [no description available]
Jboss-security-beta [no description available]
Jboss-seminar-july08 [no description available]
Jboss-trans [no description available]
K12linux-announce-list Announcements of the K12Linux Project
K12Linux-devel-list Development discussion of K12Linux
K12ltsp-list [no description available]
K12OSN Support list for open source software in schools.
Kabi-greylists-notification KABI greylist notificaion updates
Kambiz-ext-test [no description available]
katello-devel [no description available]
Keicho-facilityjp Keicho Facility Arrangement
Kickstart-list Discussion list about Kickstart
Koala-feedback To Collect feedback on Koala (Kiosks)
kontinu8-public Provide an email communications channel for the Kontinu8 Community
kontinuity-dev-public Kontinuity Public Development Discussions: CI/CD for Application Developers using Red Hat
kontinuity-public Kontinuity Public Discussions: CI/CD for Application Developers using Red Hat
kpatch kpatch mailing list
Kpatch-eap Kpatch Early Access Program
kx-netapp List for GSS engineers participating in the virtual knowledge exchanges sessions with NetApp
Latam-instructor-list Mailing list for LATAM instructors
Lhcp-devel [no description available]
Libguestfs Discussion and development of libguestfs
libndp-list libndp - Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol
Libosinfo Development and usage of the libosinfo library
libvir-list Development discussions about the libvirt library & tools
Libvirt-announce Announce channel for the libvirt library
Libvirt-ci Libvirt CI build reports
Libvirt-cim List for discussion and development of libvirt CIM
Libvirt-test-api It is for libvirt-test-API on github development and admin
libvirt-users Discussions for users, administrators & application developers with the libvirt library
Linaro-eng [no description available]
linchpin Mailing list for linchpin project https://github.com/CentOS-PaaS-SIG/linchpin
Linux-am33-list am33 maintainers mailing list
Linux-cachefs Linux filesystem caching discussion list
Linux-cluster linux clustering
linux-lvm LVM general discussion and development
linux-security Linux security announcements list (closed, use redhat-watch-list)
Linuxlab-oem Pushing out SAP related information to our HardwarePartners in Walldorf
Listman-test-list This list will be used to test the behavior and permission of moderated lists.
Liveoak-issues [no description available]
Lohit-devel-list [no description available]
Los-angeles-dtla Discussions specific to the downtown LA office
Marbet-test-public [no description available]
Marketing-israel [no description available]
Marketinguk Marketing uk email address
Mass-announce Announcements for JBoss MASS Projects
Mass-dev [no description available]
Mckesson-redhat-qa [no description available]
Melbournesecurity [no description available]
Mex-atp-list Facilitate the communication between Red Hat and Authorized Training Partners in Mexico
Mex-instructor-list Mailing list for Mexico instructors
mgmtconfig-list Next Generation Config Mgmt, https://github.com/purpleidea/mgmt/
Michigan-rhug Michigan Red Hat Enterprise User Group
Microsoft-rh-hyperv Communication regarding RHEL as a guest over Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor
Migracion-allianz-factoria Coordination Barna-Bilbo
MobileSolutions A mailing list that can be used in developer blogs to provide potential customers with a way to contact consulting around potential Red Hat Consulting Mobile engagements
Mod_nss-list [no description available]
Mushroom-qe [no description available]
mw-latam-pacifico Discusión tematicas Middleware para región Latam Pacifico
Mwchile Middleware Chile
MWCmeetings Submit meeting requests for Mobile World Congress
Napc-2018 NAPC 2018 Communications
Navy Red Hat's US Navy and US Marine Corps Sales team
Ncsu-redhat-list [no description available]
Neuchatelsecurity [no description available]
Nexteditors An external mailing list/alias to connect with editors of the Next.redhat.com website.
Nrfmeetings External use: To set up customer meetings
Nspluginwrapper-devel-list nspluginwrapper development discussion list
Octa-list [no description available]
olpc-software Discussion of base olpc software platform
Olpc-vault-devel [no description available]
Open-accreditation-reports [no description available]
Open-innovation-labs Team to support the public domain innovation.labs.redhat.com
Open-scap-list Discussions around the Open SCAP project
open-source-now-list Open source advocacy in education and government
OpenBeats Open Beats open source project
opendaylight-feedback Getting feedback on OpenDaylight from Red Hat customers and users.
Opendemos Distribution list for the redhatdemos.com site
Openeye-jp [no description available]
Openeye-subscription [no description available]
Openorg-list Mailing list to discuss Open Organization topics
Openshift-Anwender Open Discussion List for OpenShift Users in German Language
Openshift-ch Medium for OpenShift users in Switzerland to exchange information and being notified about updates
Openshift-Commons-ML-SIG Machine Learning on OpenShift
Openshift-commons-sig-image-builders Develop and Exchange Best Practices for building and maintaining Images for use with OpenShift
Openshift-primed OpenShift Primed External Mailing List
Openshiftio Openshift.io
Openstack-mpo OpenStack mailing list for MPO users
Osdc-list General discussion list for Opensource.com
Pam-list Pluggable Authentication Modules
Panel-rhf2016-tokyo Red Hat forum 2016 Tokyo panel session
Partner-helpdesk-emea [no description available]
Partnercenter-jp [no description available]
PatternFly PatternFly community mailing list
Patternfly-angular PatternFly AngularJS directives community mailing list
pd-devel Managing licenses to Primary Data products
perf-dept-infra-users Performance Engineering Department Lab / Infrastructure Users
Piranha-list Piranha clustering/HA technology
Pki-announce Dogtag Certificate System Announcements
Pki-commit Dogtag Certificate System Source Code Check-ins
Pki-commits [no description available]
Pki-devel Dogtag Certificate System Developers
Pki-users Dogtag Certificate System Users
Pmo-jp [no description available]
Prj-sts-rhosp mailng list for secom rhosp project
procps-list Discussion list for procps devel
Project9-jp For Project Q
Psyche-list Discussion of Red Hat Linux 8.0 (Psyche)
Public-sector-partners-business A list to facilitate sending updates and business news for Red Hat partners selling to US Public Sector market (Federal, State/Local Govt, and Education). Primarily a sales or business audience.
Public-sector-partners-technical Technical news for Red Hat partners selling to the US Public Sector market (Federal, State/Local Govt, and Education)
publican-list Publican discussions
Publicsector-sw publicsector-sw
Pulp-dev Pulp developer discussion
pulp-infra [no description available]
Pulp-list pulp project for repo management
Pump-list Pump DHCP client
pyparted-devel pyparted development discussion
qe-tlv QE in IL
Quality Red Hat Product Quality
rdo-infra-list [OBSOLETE] RDO project infrastructure notifications and discussion
rdo-list [OBSOLETE] Discussion: OpenStack on Red Hat based distributions
Rdo-newsletter [OBSOLETE] Monthly newsletter to the RDO OpenStack Community
ready-to-innovate Central mailing list for the Ready To Innovate initiative
rebase-helper-list [no description available]
Redhat-apac-gls This is for our recent engagement with SSI (third party) at APAC level for Korea, India, ANZ & SG. SSI will support us in creating opportunities in SFDC/closing the leads (Qualified/Un-Qualified) coming from various sources like regional mailing lists (e.g. training-ap@redhat.com). We need to route all lead management related communication to this mailing list which will be managed by SSI people.
Redhat-ccm-list Discussion about the Red Hat Enterprise Applications family
Redhat-devel-list Red Hat developer's list
Redhat-developer-site Red Hat Developer Discussions
Redhat-install-list Getting started with Red Hat Linux
redhat-list General Red Hat Linux discussion list
redhat-list-de Red Hat users list (German language)
Redhat-lufthansa Lufthansa PO System
Redhat-migration-list Discussion group concerning migration to Red Hat Linux
redhat-mobile-open-access-users Users of the Red Hat Mobile open access to ask questions, report issues, etc...
Redhat-ne-focuspartners North East Partner Channel Distribution List
Redhat-netapp Inquiries around the Red Hat/NetApp relationship will be directed to Stacy & Eric to respond.
Redhat-ppp-list Setting up dialup networking
Redhat-s390-list [no description available]
Redhat-secure-server CLOSED
redhat-sysadmin-list [no description available]
Renewal-jp-mc [no description available]
Reply-list [no description available]
rest-practices Discussion forum for REST best practices
reug-jp [no description available]
Rh-barcap-list [no description available]
Rh-bluegene-list mailing list to track bluegene patch review and build issues
RH-community-de-berlin A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in Berlin, Germany
Rh-community-de-fra A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in Frankfurt, Germany
Rh-community-de-hh A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in Hamburg, Germany
Rh-community-de-nrw A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in NRW, Germany
rh-ms-virt Microsoft-Red-Hat Virtualization related correspondence
Rh-rax-rpcr-list to ensure clear communication to multiple parties around rh and rackspace and openstack
Rh-ready Contact to ready partner
Rh-summit For Red Hat Summit questions (internal and external)
Rh-symantec-os [no description available]
Rha List for RHA related communication
Rha-instructors rha-instructors mailing list will be used to send communication to Red Hat Academy instructors when required.
Rhcc place for questions/comments/concerns around the Red Hat Customer Convergence program
Rhcc-outage-list Notifications about Red Hat Command Center outages.
Rhcnhire post jobs and receiving resumes
Rhel-latam-vads [no description available]
Rhel-support-list [no description available]
Rhel6-isv [no description available]
Rhel7-peap [no description available]
rhelv6-announce Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) announcement mailing-list
rhelv6-beta-list Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) Beta releases discussion mailing-list
rhelv6-list Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) discussion mailing-list
Rhev-announce Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Announcement List
Rhh-discussion [no description available]
Rhjpn-project To gather all members of Projects associates & vendors for to get efficiency communications.
Rhm-users [no description available]
rhn-outage-list Announcements Related to RHN Service Interruptions
rhn-satellite-beta-users Discussion of the RHN Satellite 5.0 Beta
rhn-satellite-users [no description available]
rhn-users Discussions about Red Hat Network (rhn.redhat.com)
Rhpds-emea EMEA Partner Demo System Administrators
RHSA-announce Security announcements for all Red Hat products and services.
Rht-incident [no description available]
rht-jnpr Juniper / RedHat Partnership List
Rht-jnpr-tech RHT JNPR Technical Discussions
Rht-spot [no description available]
Rit-emea-projects Mailing list for RIT EMEA projects
Roswell-list A public discussion group concerning the Roswell beta release of Red Hat Linux
sac-atp-list Mailing list for ATPs in the LATAM/SAC region
SAC-instructor-list Mailing list for SAC, LATAM instructors
sac-sa-rh-partners Mail list for SA from RH and partners in SAC (LATAM)
Sach Swiss SAs Mailing List
Salescollege [no description available]
Saopaulosecurity [no description available]
Sap-partners to send announcements to SAP partners around RHEL for SAP products
Satmetrixcloseloopalerts SatMetrix Close Loop alert process.
sb-partner-request To receive external partner requests or channel team requests
scap-security-guide SCAP Security Guide community mailing list
Sce-korea [no description available]
Scl-infra Mailing List for Infrastructure consultans from RH Chile
Scl-mw Chile Middleware Team
Scl-pm Mailing list for project managers in RH Chile
SCLorg Discuss public issues related to softwarecollections.org
Se-partner-tech Mailing List for partner technical funded heads
Sea-gcg This is email list for SEAP team in GCG
Sectool-list Discussion forum for the security audit tool
Securenfs-wg Email list for the Secure NFS working group
Servicedesk-test-external [no description available]
Skydive-dev Skydive development list
Sn-apac-rhuservices Service Now notifications for APAC-RHU services group
Sn-apac-taservices Service Now notifications for APAC-TA services group
Sn-benefits Service Now notifications for SN-Benefits services group
Sn-compexceptions Service Now notifications forSN-CompExceptions services group
Sn-emea-rhuservices Service Now notifications for SN-EMEA-RHUservices services group
Sn-emea-taservices Service Now notifications for SN-EMEA-TAservices services group
Sn-globalmobility Service Now notifications for SN-GlobalMobility services group
Sn-latam-rhusvcs Service Now notifications for SN-LATAM-RHUsvcs services group
Sn-latam-taservices Service Now notifications for SN-LATAM-TAservices services group
Sn-na-taservices Service Now notifications for SN-NA-TAservices services group
Sn-peoplemetrics Service Now notifications for SN-PeopleMetrics services group
Sn-peopleteamoffers Service Now notifications for SN-PeopleTeamOffers services group
Sn-phd Service Now notifications for SN-PHD services group
Sn-ta-jobsservices Service Now notifications for SN-TA-JOBSservices services group
Social-Media-EMEA EMEA Social Media commitee
Softwarecollections-org [no description available]
Softwarefactory Software Factory project users mailing list
Softwarefactory-dev Software Factory project developers mailing list
Sohu-perf a mailing list for a potential performance tuning project with a customer sohu.com
sos-devel Development discussions relating to the sos project
Sound-list Sound under Linux
Spacewalk-announce-list [no description available]
Spacewalk-devel [no description available]
Spacewalk-list [no description available]
Sparc-list Linux and Red Hat on Sparc processors
Statesidesupportsales StatesideSupportSales@redhat.com
Strimzi The purpose is to share all information, questions, requests about the Strimzi project
Sydneysecurity [no description available]
Symantec [no description available]
Sysops-vendor Vendor management
Talkingtech List will be used for questions being submitted to NAPS video marketing series called "Talking Tech"
Tecsupport-rha [no description available]
Telegraph-account-team [no description available]
Tendrl-devel Mailing list for the contributors to the Tendrl project
Test-list-please-ignore This is my list. There are other lists like it, but this is my own.
Testservicedesk Test Service Desk
Thincrust-devel Thincrust tooling devel list
Tlv-interns TLV interns
Torontosecurity [no description available]
Training-anz For sales queries for Australia & New Zealand
Training-spain Training mail list for Consultants and SA's of Spain
Trobert-ext-test [no description available]
tux-list TUX discussion list
Ui-alchemy [no description available]
Undertow-dev Dev list for the Undertow project
Universityoutreach-pune To stay connected with students from different colleges in Pune as a part of outreach program
Valued-cust-my [no description available]
Vdo-devel Public community discussion list for VDO
Venture [no description available]
vfio-users VFIO users mailing list
virt-tools-list Discussion about the virt-manager family of tools
Vpp-on-rhel Collaboration between Cisco and Redhat on VPP on RHEL
Vyzkum Platform for external posters to ask questions about the university program.
Webstore-china China Webstore question email box
West-partners-technical-audience West Partner Technical Audience
Westford-perf-scale Communication with Westford MA based members or the performance and scale engineering team
WomenInOpenSource [no description available]
Xquery-cpp-api-list [no description available]
yyz-rhug YYZ RHUG Group
Zabbix-core Email address for Zabbix support for Core Team
Zabbix-sa Zabbix support email address for SA team
Zanata-Announce Announce from Zanata, the translator collaboration system
zanata-bugs Zanata bugzilla notifications
zanata-commits Zanata git commits
zanata-devel Zanata development discussions
Zanata-requests Mailing list for Zanata requests conerning admin responsibilities
zanata-users Zanata user discussions
Zoot-list Discussion list for Red Hat 6.2


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