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Administering SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

About this video

Both Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and 2019 are certified for production workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). If you are an experienced SQL Server DBA, but new to the Linux environment, RHEL administration experience doesn’t have to involve complex command lines. In this demo we’ll take a look at three tools:

1. SQL Server Management Studio running on a Windows desktop, performing queries and managing SQL Server running on RHEL

2. The RHEL web console is a web-based interface designed for managing and monitoring your local system, as well as Linux servers located in your network environment.

3. The Red Hat High Availability Add-on Web UI which is a great tool to help you monitor the availability and health of nodes in a SQL Server Availability Group.

Learn more: https://www.redhat.com/en/explore/microsoft-sql-server-rhel

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