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One of the most popular activities during the Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience was the Ask the Experts sessions, where attendees could engage with Red Hat experts and leadership in real time, so we're bringing it back for our Open House in July. 

On July 15th you'll have the chance to submit questions and get some virtual face time with Red Hat executives and experts to help solve your most pressing IT challenges. Here's a sampling of the Ask the Experts sessions planned for July 15th:

Delivering enterprise open source solutions and Red Hat’s engineering direction

Presenters: Matt Hicks, Stefanie Chiras

Moderators: Tim Cramer, Jen Krieger

Looking into the Red Hat OpenShift crystal ball

Presenters: Ashesh Badani, Clayton Coleman, Tracy Rankin 

Moderators: Brian Gracely, Dan Juengst

Open forum with Paul Cormier, Chris Wright, and Matt Hicks

Presenters: Paul Cormier, Matt Hicks, Chris Wright

Moderators: Leigh Day, Stephanie Wonderlick

Designing autonomous and intelligent infrastructure

Presenters: Chris Wright, Stephen Watt

Moderators: Marizol Martinez, Serena Nichols   

Red Hat solutions solving actual customer challenges

Presenters: William Henry, Eric Schabell

Moderators: Brendan McErlain, Kimberly Craven, Marty Wesley

Delivering more secure container infrastructure solutions for the enterprise

Presenters: Brad Hinson, Dan Walsh

Moderators: Kirsten Newcomer, Sally O'Malley

The emerging edge opportunity

Presenters: Nick Barcet, Azhar Sayeed

Moderators: Susan James, Mark Wohlfarth

Managing an open hybrid cloud approach

Presenters: Joe Fitzgerald, Jason McKerr

Moderators: Aisha Devrouax, Tom Anderson, Darren Orzechowski

The Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience session catalog tool houses a list of Ask the Expert Q&A sessions, breakout sessions, and speakers to be featured on July 15, as well as detailed information about our on-demand content from our previous digital event in April. Anyone can view the session catalog and use it as a reference for session information by toggling through the filters on the left side of the page.

To see what's being released in July, select the new option within the session release date filter. Closer to the live event, you will be able to enter the virtual platform and bookmark upcoming sessions using the My Agenda tool.

If you missed the Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience the first time around, that content is still available on demand. You can log back in, or register for the first time, and watch the on-demand content through April of 2021. Registration is still free and grants access to hundreds of sessions about Red Hat's technologies, customer successes, and much more. Sign up today and be ready to join us on July 15th!


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