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The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat® blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.


Adobe, IBM and Red Hat Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Customer Experience Transformation

Adobe, IBM and Red Hat aim to enable brands to manage and deliver their content and assets within any hybrid cloud environment, from multiple public clouds to on-premise data centers. By certifying and delivering Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 to run on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM will offer clients the flexibility to host, access and leverage data in the environment of their choice.




Open Source Stories: Open Herdware

In “Starting Small: Open data in Chile,” we investigate what it takes to make open data meaningful in the lives of everyday people. “Open Herdware” shows how one of our main film’s subjects―Javiera de la Fuente of al Sur del Sur Foundation―and a Patagonian ranching family are using open source to make their work more sustainable.




Latest release of Red Hat Integration advances connectivity for event-driven, Kubernetes-based applications

Integration plays a key role in enabling the necessary agility for today's cloud-native applications, and has continued to evolve in ways that support faster, more responsive and more efficient application architectures. As the technologies have progressed, Red Hat has also continued to advance our integration portfolio in ways that we believe help customers meet their business needs in the best way possible.



SiliconANGLE - As cloud native computing rises, it’s transforming culture as much as code

Most experts say it’s a mistake to think of cloud native computing in technology terms. Rather, it’s a mindset shift based on the assumption that better technology is available in the cloud than inside a company’s data center. Think of cloud native principles as more of a business enabler than an infrastructure improvement.



TechRepublic - The secret to hosting a successful virtual conference

From lessons learned to winning strategies, Red Hat shares its approach to shifting the industry's premier enterprise open source technology conference from an in-person event to a virtual experience in seven weeks.


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