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“Transformation isn’t something that happens for only a focused period of time, and then there’s no change after that.” - Anthony Watson, lead, Enterprise Domains, ANZ Bank

The evolution and advancement of technologies grow to new heights every day, bringing unprecedented change in what individuals and corporations can create. To keep pace, organizations must continue to adopt, adapt, and advance their processes, but to acquire new technology is often not enough to bring a true change.

Open transformation has quickly gained momentum worldwide to change the technologies that businesses use and promote a change in culture to effectively adopt changes and adapt to new ways of working and advance businesses as a whole. Red Hat’s own open transformation strategies are used globally across a full range of industries and magnitudes of businesses.

As more businesses incorporate open transformation strategies, many more success stories are created and realized daily.

When it comes to successful transformation stories with Red Hat, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region leads the world. In a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services commissioned by Red Hat, 26% of APAC companies report that the transformational strategies have been highly effective, compared to other regions reports of 19%.(1) 95% of APAC executives all promote the use of innovative technology as the key driver to create new business models, products, and services.(2)

The key difference between the APAC region and other regions is effective integration with its own culture. Compressed modernization schedules, market pressures to deliver business value and limited tolerance for slow transformation sets the stage for open transformation to shine and deliver effective results quickly. Prioritizing technology modernization and cultural change, 80% of APAC business leaders rank these concepts of equal importance.(3) Through the use of open transformation, 40% of APAC executives are quickly developing and delivering new applications to the market, compared to 23% of executives in other regions.(4) 

Red Hat Services has a proven record of success with helping companies with their open transformation journey. Through our immersive DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (DO500) course, and the incorporation of solutions including the Red Hat Container Adoption Journey and Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, organizations have realized far more than their initial goals, pushing their capabilities beyond expectations.

One of our notable customers highlights the essence of open transformation with Red Hat Services, Fukuoka Financial Group. While on their journey to transform into a digital bank and launch new services, they realized that open transformation would push their competitive edge further. Initially focused on building multiple customer-focused applications and web services on Red Hat OpenShift, their participation in Red Hat Open Innovation Labs took their ambitions to new heights. Their increased development efficiency, agility, and flexibility accelerated their delivery to the market, solidifying them as a strong competitor in the region.

Check out the full Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Briefing Paper for more statistics on APAC’s open transformation.

Want to start your organization’s transformation journey? Start a conversation with Red Hat Services today.

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