There’s no better time than now to liberate your documents! Especially with the second annual Document Freedom Day (DFD) right around the corner on Wednesday, March 25. DFD is a global day for document liberation where local teams across the world help promote the adoption of free document formats.

Red Hat recognizes the importance of open standards in providing choice. File formats like OpenDocument Format (ODF) provide an open, non-proprietary format that is freely available for all to use. Take a stand and liberate your documents today! If you need any more encouragement, check out our list of the top five reasons to use ODF:

5. Open should mean open.
4. Plain text just isn’t enterprise-y enough.
3. You want me to pay to access data *I* created?
2. OpenDoc is soooooo 1994
1. ODF actually IS a standard.

Red Hat will celebrate DFD at this year’s Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco on March 24-25. If you’re in town, swing by the conference and stop at Red Hat’s booth to learn more about DFD. Not in San Francisco? Join one of the many DFD celebrations across the globe.

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