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ManageIQ Fine After several months of Fine work by the fine ManageIQ team and community, we're proud to present you the ManageIQ Fine release! This sixth ManageIQ release is named after American chess Grandmaster Reuben Fine.

Since the ManageIQ Euwe GA, we’ve had 10 very productive sprints with a total of 1511 pull requests in the main ManageIQ repository and 4880 PRs overall (averaging 76/244 pull requests per week).

Two main factors have contributed to the increased agility and velocity: a change from 3-week Sprints to 2-week Sprints, and splitting the core ManageIQ repo into modular sub-repos. These activities have resulted in numerous fine new features, bug fixes, and even some deletions to optimize things.

This release introduces the inclusion of Ansible for automation, which provides a simple, powerful, human readable automation language that everyone can use. As more IT infrastructures adopt public clouds, we have beefed up support and features in that area. In addition, a new physical infrastructure provider brings ManageIQ one step closer to full stack management...

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