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Today we announced three new Red Hat JBoss Middleware services on OpenShift based on Red Hat Fuse, JBoss BRMS, and JBoss Data Grid.

Performance and Scalability for Cloud Applications

With cloud computing, businesses expect and demand that their applications deliver higher performance, availability, reliability, flexibility, and scalability than ever before. But the influx of data is creating new obstacles that make it difficult for applications to meet the demands and expectations.

Scaling the data-tier is a well-recognized technical and economic challenge for organizations, with scaling up involving additional hardware and database software licenses, and scaling out involving complex data partitioning or clustering technologies. These data tier issues do not go away just because organizations is using cloud Platform-as-a-Service and/or container based distributed infrastructures; in fact they get more complicated. On-premise or in a cloud? Centralized or distributed? Open source or proprietary? IT infrastructures are more complex than ever before, and organizations need flexible applications that can be used in a variety of open hybrid cloud environments.

JBoss Data Grid as a Service on OpenShift

The flexibility and natural elasticity provided by data grids is a natural complement to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and contemporary shared-services architectures; and helps applications enjoy the full benefits of running in the cloud. The use of an in-memory data grid; like JBoss Data Grid, gives applications a scalable storage repository for fast-changing application data, eliminating disk bottlenecks and minimizing use of cloud-based persistent storage. It also enables transparent sharing of application data across a pool of application instances, which simplifies design and reduces development time.

JBoss Data Grid was recently named a leader in the Q3 2015 Forrester Wave: In-Memory Data Grid report as well.   Leaders in the report are cited as having breadth and depth, and are said to “offer the most comprehensive set of features to accommodate the broadest use cases and have good to excellent strategies.”

Learn how you can get started with JBoss Data Grid as a Service by visiting: http://enterprise.openshift.com/middleware-services.