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This Spring's 2017 OpenStack Summit in Boston should be another great and educational event. The OpenStack Foundation has posted the final session agenda detailing the entire week's schedule of events. And once again Red Hat will be very busy during the four-day event, including delivering more than 60 sessions, from technology overviews to deep dive's around the OpenStack services for containers, storage, networking, compute, network functions virtualization (NFV), and much, much more. 

As a Headline sponsor this Fall, we also have a full day breakout room on Monday, where we plan to present additional product and strategy sessions. And we will have two keynote presenters on stage: President and CEO, Jim Whitehurst, and Vice President and Chief Technologist, Chris Wright. 

To learn more about Red Hat's general sessions, look at the details below. We'll add the agenda details of our breakout soon. Also, be sure to visit us at our booth in the center of the Marketplace to meet the team and check out our live demonstrations. Finally, we'll have Red Hat engineers, product managers, consultants, and executives in attendance, so be sure to talk to your Red Hat representative to schedule an in-person meeting while there.

And in case you haven't registered yet, visit our OpenStack Summit page for a discounted registration code to help get you to the event. We look forward to seeing you in Boston this April.

For more details on each session, click on the title below:

Monday sessions

Kuryr & Fuxi: delivering OpenStack networking and storage to Docker swarm containers Antoni Segura Puimedon, Vikas Choudhary, and Hongbin Lu (Huawei)
Multi-cloud demo Monty Taylor
Configure your cloud for recovery Walter Bentley
Kubernetes and OpenStack at scale Stephen Gordon
No longer considered an epic spell of transformation: in-place upgrade! Krzysztof Janiszewski and Ken Holden
Fifty shades for enrollment: how to use Certmonger to win OpenStack Ade Lee and Rob Crittenden
OpenStack and OVN - what's new with OVS 2.7 Russell Bryant, Ben Pfaff (VMware), and Justin Pettit (VMware)
Federation with Keycloak and FreeIPA Martin Lopes, Rodrigo Duarte Sousa, and John Dennis
7 "must haves" for highly effective Telco NFV deployments Anita Tragler and Greg Smith (Juniper Networks, Inc.)
Containerizing OpenStack deployments: lessons learned from TripleO Flavio Percoco
Project update - Heat Rabi Mishra, Zane Bitter, and Rico Lin (EasyStack)
How RDO uses software factory and Ansible Maria Bracho, Alan Pevec


Tuesday sessions

OpenStack Telemetry and the 10,000 instances Julien Danjou and Alex Krzos
Mastering and troubleshooting NFV issues Sadique Puthen and Jaison Raju
The Ceph power show - hands-on with Ceph: Episode 2 - 'The Jewel Story' Karan Singh, Daniel Messer, and Brent Compton
SmartNICs - paving the way for 25G/40G/100G speed NFV deployments in OpenStack Anita Tragler and Edwin Peer (Netronome)
Scaling NFV - are containers the answer? Azhar Sayeed
Free my organization to pursue cloud native infrastructure! Dave Cain and Steve Black (East Carolina University)
Container networking using Kuryr - a hands-on lab Sudhir Kethamakka and Amol Chobe (Ericsson)
Using software-defined WAN implementation to turn on advanced connectivity services in OpenStack Ali Kafel and Pratik Roychowdhury (OpenContrail)
Don't fail at scale: how to plan for, build, and operate a successful OpenStack cloud David Costakos and Julio Villarreal Pelegrino
Red Hat OpenStack Certification Program Allessandro Silva
OpenStack and OpenDaylight: an integrated IaaS for SDN and NFV Nir Yechiel and Andre Fredette
Project update - Kuryr Antoni Segura Puimedon and Irena Berezovsky (Huawei)
Barbican workshop - securing the cloud Ade Lee, Fernando Diaz (IBM), Dave McCowan (Cisco Systems), Douglas Mendizabal (Rackspace), Kaitlin Farr (Johns Hopkins University)
Bridging the gap between deploying OpenStack as a cloud application and as a traditional application James Slagle
Real time KVM and how it works Eric Lajoie

Wednesday sessions

Projects Update - Sahara Telles Nobrega and Elise Gafford
Project update - Mistral Ryan Brady
Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it: OpenStack consumption models Tyler Britten, Walter Bentley, and Jonathan Kelly (MetacloudCisco)
Hybrid messaging solutions for large scale OpenStack deployments Kenneth Giusti and Andrew Smith
Project update - Nova Dan Smith, Jay Pipes (Mirantis), and Matt Riedermann (Huawei)
Hands-on to configure your cloud to be able to charge your users using official OpenStack components Julien Danjou, Christophe Sautheir (Objectif Libre), and Maxime Cottret (Objectif Libre)
To OpenStack or not OpenStack; that is the question Frank Wu
Distributed monitoring and analysis for telecom requirements Tomofumi Hayashi, Yuki Kasuya (KDDI Research), and Ryota Mibu (NEC)
OVN support for multiple gateways and IPv6 Russell Bryant and Numan Siddique
Kuryr-Kubernetes: the seamless path to adding pods to your datacenter networking Antoni Segura Puimedon, Irena Berezovsky (Huawei), and Ilya Chukhnakov (Mirantis)
Unlocking the performance secrets of Ceph object storage Karan Singh, Kyle Bader, and Brent Compton
OVN hands-on tutorial part 1: introduction Russell Bryant, Ben Pfaff (VMware), and Justin Pettit (VMware)
Kuberneterize your baremetal nodes in OpenStack! Ken Savich and Darin Sorrentino
OVN hands-on tutorial part 2: advanced Russell Bryant, Ben Pfaff (VMware), and Justin Pettit (VMware)
The Amazon effect on open source cloud business models Flavio Percoco, Monty Taylor, Nati Shalom (GigaSpaces), and Yaron Haviv (Iguazio)
Neutron port binding and impact of unbound ports on DVR routers with floatingIP Brian Haley and Swaminathan Vasudevan (HPE)
Upstream contribution - give up or double down? Assaf Muller
Hyper cool infrastructure Randy Robbins
Strategic distributed and multisite OpenStack for business continuity and scalability use cases Rob Young
Per API role-based access control Adam Young and Kristi Nikolla (Massachusetts Open Cloud)
Logging work group BoF Erno Kuvaja, Rochelle Grober, Hector Gonzalez Mendoza (Intel), Hieu LE (Fujistu) and Andrew Ukasick (AT&T)
Performance and scale analysis of OpenStack using Browbeat  Alex Krzos, Sai Sindhur Malleni, and Joe Talerico
Scaling Nova: how CellsV2 affects your deployment Dan Smith
Ambassador community report Erwan Gallen, Lisa-Marie Namphy (OpenStack Ambassador), Akihiro Hasegawa (Equinix), Marton Kiss (Aptira), and Akira Yoshiyama (NEC)

Thursday sessions

Examining different ways to get involved: a look at open source Rob Wilmoth
CephFS backed NFS share service for multi-tenant clouds Victoria Martinez de la Cruz, Ramana Raja, and Tom Barron
Create your VM in a (almost) deterministic way - a hands-on lab Sudhir Kethamakka and Geetika Batra
RDO's continuous packaging platform Matthieu Huin, Fabien Boucher, and Haikel Guemar (CentOS)
OpenDaylight Network Virtualization solution (NetVirt) with VPP data plane Andre Fredette, Srikanth Vavilapalli (Ericsson), and Prem Sankar Gopanna (Ericsson)
Ceph snapshots for fun & profit Gregory Farnum
Gnocchi and collectd for faster fault detection and maintenance Julien Danjou and Emma Foley
Project update - TripleO Emillien Macchi, Flavio Percoco, and Steven Hardy
Project update - Telemetry Julien Danjou, Mehdi Abaakouk, and Gordon Chung (Huawei)
Turned up to 11: low latency Ceph block storage Jason Dillaman, Yuan Zhou (INTC), and Tushar Gohad (Intel)
Who reads books anymore? Or writes them? Michael Solberg and Ben Silverman (OnX Enterprise Solutions)
Pushing the boundaries of OpenStack - wait, what are they again? Walter Bentley
Multi-site OpenStack - deployment option and challenges for a telco Azhar Sayeed
Ceph project update Sage Weil


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