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Hello again from Austin, Texas where the fourth day of the main OpenStack Summit has come to a close. While there are quite a few working sessions and contributor meet-ups on Friday, Thursday marks the last official day of the main summit event. The exhibition hall closed its doors around lunch time, and the last of the vendor sessions occurred later in the afternoon. As the day concluded, many attendees were already discussing travel plans for OpenStack Summit Barcelona in October!

Before we get ahead of ourselves however, day 4 was still jam-packed with a busy agenda. Like the first three days of the event, Red Hat speakers led quite a few interesting--and well attended--sessions.

To start, Al Kari, Kambiz Aghaiepour, and Will Foster combined to give a talk entitled Deploying Microservices Architecture on OpenStack Using Kubernetes, Docker, Flannel and etcd. The hands-on lab provided a step by step demonstration of how to deploy these services in a variety of environments.

Lars Herrmann, General Manager of Red Hat’s Integrated Solutions Business Unit then led a talk called Orchestrated Containerization with OpenStack. In the session, Lars explored how to leverage container standards, like Kubernetes, in implementing hybrid containerization strategies. He also discussed a variety of architectural designs for hybrid containerization and revealed how to use Ansible in these scenarios.

Ihar Hrachyshka then teamed with Kevin Benton and Sean Collins from Mirantis, as well as Matthew Kassawara from IBM in a presentation entitled The Notorious M.T.U. (Maximum Transmission Unit). The presenters examined impacts of improper MTU parameters on both physical and virtual networks, neutron MTU problems, and how to properly configure neutron MTU in various environments.

Just before lunch, in his presentation on CephFS, Greg Farnum, a long-standing member of the core Ceph development group, detailed why CephFS is more stable and feature-rich than ever. He then summarized which key new functions were introduced in the recent Jewel release, and also provided a glimpse of what’s to come in future iterations.

Later, Sridhar Gaddam joined with Bin Hu from AT&T and Prakash Ramchandran from Huawei Technology to discuss IPv6 capabilities in Telco environments. Among other things, the trio examined scenarios enabled by the IPv6 platform, its current state, and future expectations.

And finally, Miguel Angel Ajo, a Red Hat developer focused on Neutron, collaborated with Victor Howard from Comcast and Sławek Kapłoński from OVH in a presentation called Neutron Quality of Service, New Features, and Future Roadmap. The presenters detailed the Quality of Service (QoS) framework introduced in the Liberty release, and how it serves to provide QoS settings on the Neutron networking API.  They also covered DSCP rules, role based access control (RBAC) for QoS policies, and much more.

As you probably can imagine, it was a busy final day at OpenStack Summit. Like all OpenStack Summits, it was an extremely informative event, and also lots of fun! If you missed our previous daily recaps, we encourage you to read our blog posts from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. And for those who were present, we hope you enjoyed the event and found time to visit the Red Hat booth, as well as network with friends and colleagues from around the world. Like you, we’re already counting down the days until the next OpenStack Summit in Barcelona!

For continued Red Hat and industry cloud news, we invite you to follow us on Twitter at @RedHatCloud or @RedHat.

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