In line with Red Hat’s dedication to expanding the reach of open source solutions, the JBoss Operations Network (ON) team is excited to announce that JBoss ON is now available as an open source solution through the open source project Jopr. It’s pronounced like jopper. We’re also debuting a related project, Embedded Jopr, which will provide the foundation for the future administration console for JBoss Application Server. Both projects are live today.

Jopr is an enterprise management solution for JBoss Application Server as well as other JBoss and open source projects. It delivers advanced management solutions like log tracking, administration, monitoring, complex alerting, scheduled operational control, response time monitoring and configuration in an enterprise setting with fine-grained security and an advanced extension model. Its advanced metrics systems can scale to tens of thousands of monitored metrics. Including low-level cross-platform monitoring, Apache, Postgres and Oracle, this project provides one of the first high-end middleware management solutions available in open source.

Curious on where the name Jopr came from? It originated in the 80’s classic movie, WarGames. WOPR was a computer programmed to enable itself to optimally respond to any possible military situations. Well, Jopr (it’s not an acronym for the project) is designed to optimally handle customer’s JBoss middleware solutions.

Jopr is built on the RHQ project, a multi-vendor collaborative open source management platform. With plugin compatibility, extensions written within this community can be utilized within Jopr. Development of these projects is coordinated to provide a cohesive set of management solutions across a range of technologies and Red Hat, as always, is at the heart of this development. The release of Jopr completes the opening of our JBoss management technologies that began with the release of the base RHQ management platform earlier in the year.

Now, what’s Embedded Jopr? Embedded Jopr provides much of the same technologies for management in a lightweight platform that can be delivered embedded in another product. This technology is part of our vision for the future of the built-in administration console for JBoss Application Server and other JBoss middleware products. Embedded Jopr is specific to a particular platform or application server. Think 1:1 for Embedded Jopr vs. 1:many for Jopr. Jopr is enterprise management, where Embedded Jopr is for managing only one installation instance of a JBoss solution. Embedded Jopr lets you build your admin console, but you’ll also need an EAP admin console, a SOA admin console, a metamatrix admin console, etc. too.

The open-sourcing of JBoss ON comes on the heels of our announcement from the 2008 Red Hat Summit in Boston that our Red Hat management platform, Red Hat Network Satellite, would be open-sourced as Project Spacewalk. Since then, Spacewalk has had lots of wins, and we expect the same for Jopr.

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