One of the stated goals for Red Hat’s channel team is to move more business through our channel ecosystem. We are working everyday to make that happen and to ensure that our partners and by extension their customers are successful with our full portfolio of open source solutions. One of the ways we are accomplishing that is by working with valued partners like Vizuri.

Earlier this month Vizuri launched their JBoss 30-Day Challenge to prove to prospective customers that switching from proprietary middleware is quick and easy. Vizuri, a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner, is challenging any enterprise that has a BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere Java application server deployment to see how easy and cost-effective a switch to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform can be.

To meet business objectives, organizations are always looking to become more efficient with less resources. Software capital expenditures for proprietary software licenses are escalating and enterprises are faced with reducing current and future expenditures especially in today’s economic market. Enter Vizuri and JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

During the JBoss 30-Day Challenge, Vizuri will provide the consulting resources needed to deploy a bundle of JBoss Enterprise Middleware solutions. Customers participating in the challenge will gain access to JBoss Developer Studio to develop Web 2.0 Rich Applications, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to build, deploy, and host enterprise Java applications and services, and JBoss Operations Network, an advanced management platform for inventorying, administering, monitoring, and updating JBoss Enterprise Platform deployments. Three powerful tools that will enable any business to continue to innovate while cutting costs.

Vizuri and Red Hat are confident that by the end of the challenge our customers will find the switch to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform quick and easy. To encourage customers to see for themselves, Vizuri is offering the bundled solutions along with 10 Red Hat training credits at a drastically reduced price point.

Let us prove how easy it is to switch from proprietary software to open source solutions.

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