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In the open source software world, every day can be a test day, but there’s plenty to be gained when community members converge on an IRC channel to nick themselves on a project’s cutting edge. This month, there’s a handful of test days on tap:

RDO: February 4th & 5th

Following the OpenStack Icehouse milestone 2 release, the RDO project is holding a pair of test days on February 4th and 5th. For more information, and to indicate that you’ll be participating, head to the test day page on the RDO wiki.

Gluster: February 14th - 16th

The beta3 packages for Gluster 3.5 are expected to hit FTP this week, with a GlusterFest testing weekend to follow. This one is still somewhat TBD, so check the Gluster project site and mailing lists for updates and confirmation.

oVirt: February 11th and February 19th

oVirt 3.4 is nigh, with a projected general availability date of February 24th.

Leading up to the final 3.4 release, there’s a pair of test days scheduled for shaking out as many issues as possible ahead of the release. For more information, see the 3.4 test days page on the oVirt project wiki.

Fedora QA Tips & Fedora.next

The Fedora Project isn’t holding any test days for February, due in part to a longer-than-normal lead-in period for Fedora.next, an umbrella term for the "shape of Fedora in the post-F20 future."

However, Fedora QA titan Adam Williamson offered up a great list of suggested testing activities during the pre-F21 lull that’s well worth reading and acting on.

And, speaking of Fedora.next and Adam Williamson, Adam wrote a very insightful post about the new initiative and Fedora’s near future, based on the recent discussions of these matters in the Fedora community.

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