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We introduced our next-generation integration platform today with the debut of Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 beta. JBoss Fuse Service Works represents the next version of Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform, and is based on a lightweight and flexible modern integration patterns framework, Apache Camel. Together, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works and Red Hat JBoss Fuse provide a range of integration capabilities within Red Hat JBoss Middleware. JBoss Fuse Service Works sets the stage for faster and easier cloud, mobile application and business process development and integration by allowing IT to simplify service-enabling of existing and new applications and data. The technology also helps organizations to transition to an open hybrid cloud architecture building upon these service-enabled applications and data, driving quicker time to solution and greater responsiveness to ongoing change.

Red Hat has a vision of next-generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) called xPaaS, where a rich set of middleware services, such as integrationPaaS (iPaaS), can be leveraged for building highly complex and sophisticated applications that work together seamlessly. We believe xPaaS helps enterprises achieve the goal of building open hybrid clouds by enabling developers to connect and orchestrate data and processes across the spectrum of deployment environments, including public PaaS, private Paas, SaaS-based applications and physical enterprise systems behind the firewall.

JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 beta serves as a path to Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift by providing a foundation for running integration in the cloud. The technology sets the stage for iPaaS by expanding pre-cloud messaging-based integration to include cloud-based configuration, brokers and services. Read more about Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift at

JBoss Fuse Service Works builds on the core integration features and capabilities found in JBoss Fuse, such as Apache Camel, and technical innovations found in various open source communities like SwitchYard, a service development platform. With its small footprint and flexible architecture, JBoss Fuse is geared for integration scenarios requiring enterprise service bus (ESB) capabilities, such as distributed scenarios where integration can extend to the edges of the enterprise. JBoss Fuse Service Works provides additional features like service orchestration, service governance, activity monitoring and business rules, and works well as a comprehensive service design, development and integration platform.

Integration doesn’t work as a one-size-fits-all technology. With Red Hat JBoss Middleware offerings, customers have options for integrating their applications, services and devices that are specific to their requirements and goals.

To better understand the capabilities of JBoss Fuse Service Works, consider the following healthcare scenario. A typical healthcare organization has multiple information systems, medical devices, and customer-facing applications. Making intelligent decisions about treatment requires a holistic view of patients. In addition the healthcare organization has to comply with numerous and changing government regulations.

For example, a person with a chronic condition needs ongoing treatment and is on a drug regimen. This person has some kind of related or other illness which requires a ambulance trip to the hospital.


While there are devices in the ambulance to help with diagnosis and treatment, these devices may not be integrated to key patient care applications and data. Since there is no holistic view of the patient’s health data, responders depend upon her telling them and their own observation (which can be error prone and incomplete). When she gets to the hospital, some of the same information must be verbally given to hospital staff. While some patient information is online and available, other patient information is not. Hence an incomplete view of her health situation may be provided, one that may omit existing health conditions, and past and present treatments. In the exam or hospital room, the doctor does an examination with tests and prescribes medication all without a complete view of the patient and the help of intelligent processing of prescription recommendations. She goes home and has a bad reaction to the drugs prescribed creating a potentially life threatening situation that forces a return to the hospital.

Red Hat middleware offers a better way.


With integrated applications, data and systems through JBoss Fuse Service Works, emergency responders can access a more complete and secure view of the patient health data and can treat the patient more effectively. At the hospital, the holistic view of the patient data integrated with patient care applications and devices helps the responding doctors with diagnosis and treatment. In their work, doctors can productively consider patient history, preexisting conditions and current health situation (as captured by emergency responders in real-time). With the integrated applications, data and devices, the patient’s primary doctor gets access to the latest information for on-going treatment. The patient returns home with superior experience and an improved health situation.

JBoss Fuse Service Works can integrate applications and services in the enterprise so that healthcare records can be shared and processed in real-time. A holistic view of patient health history is available from Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization. Integration for the “Internet of Things”, e.g., medical devices, is delivered with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ messaging. Control and management of the business services that deliver and process patient data is very important. JBoss Fuse Service Works provides governance capabilities to plan and alert all required stakeholders if a particular business service is changing. In addition, JBoss Fuse Service Works manages access to critical business services, reducing overall risk.

Members of the community can download and try JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 beta at

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