Customer and partner testing of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is in full swing, and we have been very pleased with the strong positive feedback that we have received from our testing community. We are on track to deliver a final product that we expect will meet customer needs for years to come. The first Beta was released in April, and incorporated a wide range of new and upgraded features. Today we have released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta 2, which provides an updated installer, additional new technologies and resolutions to many of the issues that were reported in the initial Beta.

As we move through the Beta process, we will continue to integrate corrections and suggestions identified by our internal testing groups, customers, partners and community members. Today’s Beta 2 offers the Red Hat Enterprise Linux community the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the features and technologies that we expect to provide in the final release.

We are asking customers and partners who are testing the initial Beta to install and continue their testing with Beta 2. This will help us to deliver the best possible final product. Beta 2 also provides an excellent starting point for new testers. Depending on testing and feature requirements, an additional Beta may be released in the coming weeks.

To learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta 2 and to download the installation kits, visit the Beta portal here. The portal also provides detail on how to report issues and feedback to Red Hat.

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