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At this year’s Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld we are hosting the inaugural JBoss Users and Developers Conference, JUDCon. The conference will focus squarely on developers and the development community surrounding the JBoss Community and will feature deep dives into selected projects, hands-on labs and hackfests.

Co-located with the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, JUDCon is taking place the day before on Monday, June 21st and has three tracks; a JBoss AS5/6 track for the application server, a combined Cloud/Portal track, and a Community track which was voted on by participants.

While JBoss World has always focused on the development community this sub-conference is an opportunity for the JBoss Development Community to dive deep into the code, understand how it works, and in fact help decide the future of many projects.

There is no question that the JBoss Community is where innovation begins and it is our goal to strengthen and facilitate innovation among this elite set of engineers. Projects like the JBoss Application Server, Seam and Hibernate, have helped to shape modern middleware computing. It is our hope that at this rapid pace of innovation will continue at JUDCon and future events where the JBoss Community will have an opportunity to freely collaborate on projects like Weld, Arquillian & Shrink Wrap, HornetQ, Errai, Infinispan, TorqueBox, BoxGrinder and Cooling Tower and many more.

We plan to continue to work with the Community to expand participation and strengthen collaboration so look for longer, stand-alone JUDCons world-wide – in Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and elsewhere. To learn more about JUDCon, visit

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