Red Hat’s open source middleware has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years as more and more enterprises have adopted it for the development, deployment, and management of their mission-critical applications. That said, middleware innovation can, at times, come with an opportunity cost, regardless of whether or not it is open source. Some middleware platform providers “fix” their innovation by forcing enterprises to use specific combinations of middleware, hardware, and operating systems. We want to reduce these limitations while still providing feature-rich, stable, and cost-effective environments.

To that end, we have provided Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) across the HP Servers portfolio for some time, and recently expanded the availability of our application platform to the latest version of HP-UX. At Red Hat, we’re dedicated to choice and the notion that it is paramount to our customers’ success. Ultimately, choice is one of the foundational principles of open source. It gives enterprises the power to truly take ownership of their IT and application environments. It provides flexibility, and flexibility can lead to a more efficient and effective use of resources.

It is our goal to give enterprises the broadest choice of infrastructures to run their middleware platforms. To do that, we are vigilant in looking for opportunities for users to enjoy the same innovation, regardless of hardware or operating system, by offering Red Hat JBoss Middleware solutions on a greater variety of platforms. Expanding our presence in the HP Server portfolio helps accomplish that mission.

We’re happy to have HP join us in this endeavor by working to bring the flexibility and interoperability of open source technologies to their customer base. For the past 11 years, HP has been the market leader in worldwide server shipments and enjoys a very high level of satisfaction among its users(HP Competitive Loyalty Survey, Ipsos Business Consulting, 2012). From our perspective, it’s great to have such a strong partner recommending Red Hat JBoss Middleware to their customers, across a variety of operating platforms, as a quick and effective way to secure faster time to market, better developer productivity, and generally lower TCO.