Part of the work we do making open source consumable for enterprise customers is offering a world-class training and certification program to help make sure there are trained professionals around the globe with the right skills in specific areas, from Linux, OpenStack and JBoss to cloud computing, virtualization and beyond. As interest in containers grows, we recognize the need not only for rich product offerings and a broad ecosystem of supported offerings, but also for skilled professionals.


This is why Red Hat is pleased to introduce a three day course that will teach experienced Linux administrators, architects, and developers how to manage containerized applications using Docker and Kubernetes. Managing Containers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host (RH270) will show students how to install and update Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host on a server, and deploy and manage applications through a Docker environment.


Immersed in a lab-intensive environment, students will also learn how to:

  • Build customer container images with Dockerfiles

  • Publish container images with a private Red Hat container registry

  • Troubleshoot Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host


The course will be available in traditional classrooms, online via instructor-led virtual classroom sessions and self-paced online learning, and through private team training.


For more information about this course and availability, click here.