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Red Hat today announced multiple updates to its messaging, realtime and grid platform, Red Hat Enterprise MRG, with the general availability of its 2.3 release. All three components of the platform received updates, including kernel updates to version 3.6 and integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux control groups.  This 2.3 release of Red Hat Enterprise MRG brings a tech preview of Precision Time Protocol, designed for distributed systems requiring timing accuracy beyond the capabilities of NTP. New improvements to the Access Control List functionality help control messaging broker resources in on-premise and public cloud deployments, and this release also offers more options for logging ability.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG is an IT infrastructure incorporating messaging, realtime and grid functionality that offers increased performance, reliability, interoperability and faster computing for enterprise customers. Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.0 was released in June 2011 with added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, and was updated to a 2.2 release in September 2012. The 2.2 release gave Red Hat Enterprise MRG more cloud readiness, along with support for Apache Deltacloud, an open source project originally initiated by Red Hat that is now hosted by the Apache Software Foundation.

Highlights of today’s 2.3 release include:

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid

  • Integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux control groups (c-groups), Kerberos integration, and significant enhancements to negotiation and accounting, workflow management, configuration inspection and configuration for dynamic resources
  • Better interactivity in the management console with HTML5
  • A base in the HTCondor 7.8 release

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime

  • A Technology Preview of Precision Time Protocol (PTP), or IEEE 1588, a set of rules for synchronizing clocks over a local computer network within a sub-microsecond interval. The PTP is based on International Atomic Time (TAI) and is designed for distributed systems requiring timing accuracy beyond the capabilities of NTP.
  • Significant improvements to time measurement and synchronization benefiting transaction engines, command, control and communication applications.
  • Kernel update to 3.6 for assembling the latest upstream innovation for lead users of Enterprise MRG Realtime. The kernel  fields new hardware enablement, improved drivers, enhanced security and microsecond determinism.


Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging

  • Several improvements to user Access Control List (ACL) functionality. These include:

    • The capability to limit the number and size of queues per user

    • The ability to use wildcards for ACLs in topic keys based on a number of flexible wildcard options in routing keys

    • The ability to use a substitution symbol for username in ACLs, which can give users freedom to create per-user or per-domain private resources with appropriate constraints

  • Enhancements to logging including the ability to identify a user's IP address when a connection fails, log the session ID for a user, and see the user and host information when a client disconnects.
  • The ability to browse queues without consuming their contents.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.3 is available to subscribing Red Hat customers today via Red Hat Network.

Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise MRG here.

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