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There's pretty compelling evidence for digital transformation in the enterprise, and open source is the perfect foundation in such a mutable world.

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In this issue: Digital transformation

  • Digital transformation or bust
  • FEATURED Digital transformation involves infrastructure and culture
  • BBVA: Digital transformation in action
  • Survey says: What your peers say about digital transformation
  • Frictionless IT disrupts traditional IT management | 4 ways digital transformation is a people issue | What “digital” really means
  • New offerings and releases
  • Recommended | Red Hat news and more | Events

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From the editor

Digital transformation or bust

A Harvard Business Review report says "digital leaders are expanding into more new markets, growing faster, and increasing profit margins over their competitors'." Pretty compelling evidence for going digital. But what does that really mean?

Open source, with its rapid innovation, transparent processes, and cost-effectiveness, is the perfect foundation in a mutable world. IDC says “more organizations are adopting [enterprise-grade open source] technologies to support a range of critical new digital transformation initiatives…” Open source technologies are scalable, adaptable, and affordable—all essential for effective digital transformation.

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Featured story

Digital transformation involves infrastructure and culture

To win in the global, digital marketplace, you need new applications and new ways of developing and delivering them. These require cloud-based infrastructure and agile processes across both IT and the business.

But the role of a digital leader is about more than technology.

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Skills gap

Lack of the right IT skills is the biggest barrier to digital transformation.

HBR: Best practices for surviving the IT talent crisis

Huffington Post: A Fresh Look at Digital Transformation

Customer spotlight

BBVA: Digital transformation in action

BBVA, a financial services group, is partnering with Red Hat to become the world’s first global digital bank. BBVA uses Red Hat products to speed innovation, manage the growth of financial transactions on digital devices, and deliver digital banking services to its customers around the world.

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Survey says

What your peers say about digital transformation

  • No. 1 issue holding companies back from digital business is lack of leadership.
  • 48% think creating IT opportunities for business innovation is IT’s most important contribution over the next 3 years.
  • 70% of digital leaders have an IT department that provides useful knowledge about technology.
  • 45% say lack of an appropriate forum is a barrier to learning new digital technologies from IT leaders.
Source: Driving Digital Transformation: New Skills for Leaders, New Role for the CIO, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

More to learn

IDC: Frictionless IT disrupts traditional IT management

Open source solutions can give IT teams access to new innovation, reduce operational friction, and help improve infrastructure and life-cycle management.

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4 ways digital transformation is a people issue

The technology is a lot less complex than the people. If the technology doesn’t work, you fix it. The people are the complicated part. CIO Larry Bonfante explains.

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What “digital” really means

To make the definition of "digital" more concrete, McKinsey & Company has broken it down into 3 attributes.

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New offerings and releases

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