Edge computing is helping companies realize the potential of 5G and the Internet of Things. Read more about how edge can solve problems for the enterprise in this issue of Red Hat® Shares.

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The year of edge computing?

After covering edge computing a year ago―including Red Hat's approach to it―we’ve decided to review this emerging technology in more detail. As TechRepublic reported, Forrester predicts “2021 will be the year [edge computing] graduates from experiment to practically applicable tech, driven largely by AI [artificial intelligence] and 5G.”

This issue of Red Hat Shares includes information on edge and the Internet of Things (IoT), edge and 5G, and problems edge computing can help solve for enterprises. Red Hat CTO Chris Wright also explores edge computing in his fun Technically Speaking video series. Plus, don’t miss our annual report on The State of Enterprise Open Source.

Want to catch up on edge basics first? Check out our “What is edge computing?” article.



Why IoT and edge need to work together

Without edge computing, an IoT device would have to send data back and forth between it and a datacenter or the cloud, resulting in slower response times and less operational efficiency.



Edge computing: 4 problems it helps solve for enterprises

In her article for The Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby uses real-world examples to address a few problems edge computing could solve.



Technically speaking


Technically Speaking with Chris Wright

This video series features captivating conversations between Red Hat CTO Chris Wright and a rotating cast of experts and industry leaders around what's on the technology horizon.


Edge computing covered and diced
What is edge computing, and what does it mean for data workloads, latency, and our precious, precious bandwidth? Learn about 5G, how edge is like an onion, and what edge computing means for the future.


Edge IT: A space odyssey
Find out how edge computing is changing how businesses operate IT infrastructure and services, and how IT ops teams can protect themselves from uncertainty and better predict issues before they become outages.




Red Hat and Samsung collaborate to drive 5G adoption

Samsung’s 5G network solutions, built on Red Hat OpenShift®, are designed to help service providers make 5G a reality across use cases, including edge computing.


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The State of Enterprise Open Source report 2021

We asked 1,250 IT leaders about the role of enterprise open source in their organizations.

are using enterprise open source.

say enterprise open source is a key part of their organization’s security strategy.

prefer to use multiple vendors for their cloud infrastructure needs.

are more likely to select a vendor who contributes to the open source community.



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