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Why are we talking about open hybrid cloud again? Because it's the best way to prepare for the future of business (i.e., digital transformation). In this issue, check out some hybrid cloud trends, security strategies and insights, session recordings from Red Hat Summit, a customer success story, and more.

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From the editor: Yes, we’re talking about hybrid cloud. Again.


Like other industry experts, we believe hybrid cloud is the future of IT. Why?

Digital transformation.

Some say this phrase is a buzzword, but whatever you call it, it’s the future of business, and open hybrid cloud is the best way to prepare.

We help a lot of organizations deploy open hybrid cloud environments. (Not to boast, but recent research* shows Red Hat® customers are further along in hybrid cloud adoption than the general market.) To help others by sharing what we know, we’ll continue offering hybrid cloud advice, insights, and more in Red Hat Shares―starting with Irshad Raihan’s blog post:


*Red Hat customers are more likely to be beyond the hybrid cloud adoption planning stage (55%) than the general market (43%). Source: Cloud Technology Research, May 2018. Red Hat and Qualtrics.



Public cloud spending is up. So is private cloud spending.


We commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate cloud migration strategies. Red Hat’s Gordon Haff summarizes part of the research findings.

Money talks



How IT pros are adopting and using cloud technologies


We surveyed 1,000+ IT professionals familiar with cloud technologies at their organizations.

  • 23% said agility is the most desired outcome from adopting hybrid cloud.
  • 93% said performance is very or extremely important for a hybrid cloud vendor.
  • 31% of those who manage multiple cloud environments said they manage each individually using separate tools.

Source: Cloud Technology Research, May 2018. Red Hat and Qualtrics.


Hybrid cloud security advice from The Enterprisers Project


Customer spotlight: Lufthansa Technik builds hybrid cloud platform to optimize airline operations


To help airlines avoid delays and cancellations, Lufthansa Technik built a digital platform, AVIATAR, on a hybrid cloud infrastructure based on enterprise open source software. See why the company expects this solution to improve the travel experience for passengers and save millions of euros per airline.

First-class efficiency upgrade



Hybrid cloud sessions from Red Hat Summit 2018


New Red Hat offerings and releases


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