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Open source software is everywhere. But open source is about more than technology. People everywhere are applying open source principles to make a real difference.

Red Hat® Shares, Red Hat's monthly corporate newsletter, features our take on technology trends, open source software, and recent industry news to help you navigate the complex world of IT.

In this issue: Innovation with open source

  • Open source is taking on some of the world’s toughest challenges
  • FEATURED The human side of open source
  • How we recognize our most innovative customers
  • The Open Organization book | Open source for business people | IDC whitepaper
  • Special Red Hat Summit 2016 section
  • Recommended | Red Hat news and more | Events

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From the editor

Open source is taking on some of the world’s toughest challenges

Open source software (OSS) is everywhere, at the forefront of all sorts of innovation―from running car systems to automating farming to helping power planetary exploration. A 2015 survey found that 78% of companies use OSS. Even former skeptics are embracing it.

But open source is about more than technology. People everywhere are applying open source principles to make a real difference. This issue of Red Hat Shares shows how people and organizations are changing the world, the open source way. (You can also click the "learn more" button below to read our insights on open source.)

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Featured story

The human side of open source

Open Source Stories is a series of short films that shows how openness is a catalyst for positive change. Watch the films (warning: tearjerker alert) to see how people around the world are collaborating and sharing ways to improve lives.


The e-NABLE community is designing, fabricating, and distributing open source 3-D-printed prosthetics for people in need―free of charge.

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Penn Manor

Penn Manor High School’s open educational model, including a 1:1 laptop program, is changing students' lives for the better.

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The Open Patient (trailer)

Openness is changing the healthcare industry. Meet 2 brain-cancer patients who have battled the disease in different, innovative ways. (The full film will premier at the 2016 Red Hat® Summit.)

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Customer spotlight

Our customers make award-winning innovation look easy

One of our favorite things about Red Hat Summit is presenting Red Hat Innovation Awards to customers with the most innovative technological achievements. Like past winner Intuit, which uses Red Hat Gluster Storage to meet massive tax-season demand for its TurboTax online software. While other companies were planning how to solve big data problems, Intuit actually solved them and achieved performance breakthroughs.

Another previous winner, FICO, uses OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat to provide data analytics to a whole new market base. And airline Avianca chose Red Hat JBoss® Middleware to integrate its IT systems with those of the airlines it acquires, giving customers a seamless experience.

Are you a Red Hat customer or partner using our offerings in innovative ways? Starting in late 2016, you can nominate your organization for the 2017 Red Hat Innovation Awards. Stay tuned for details.

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More to learn

Book: The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance

"Jim Whitehurst's interesting tale of his own reinvention as a leader, with lessons from other leaders in companies such as Whole Foods, Pixar, Zappos, and others, finally provides the blueprint that leaders have been seeking."
Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO, 3D Robotics; former editor-in-chief, Wired magazine

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Blog post: Open source for business people

Open source is no longer a mystery in today’s IT organizations. But many struggle to understand the nuances that make a huge difference between vendors commercially supporting the same open source technologies.

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