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Last week, Red Hat hosted the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Working Group's third "AMQP Connectathon" at its Westford, Mass. offices. Joining Red Hat representatives were fellow AMQP working group members from INETCO, JPMC, Microsoft and StormMQ. Connectathons involve deep discussions of various aspects of the specification, as well as testing amongst the various implementations of AMQP by the attending working group members.

The continued interoperability of the framing, codec, and transport layers of AMQP, as established in Connectathons 1 and 2, was confirmed at Connectathon 3. Additionally, interoperability of the security and messaging layers of AMQP was established and the working group proposed some clarifications and amendments discovered during the implementation and subsequent interoperability testing of these layers.

As the "Internet protocol for business messaging," Red Hat believes that AMQP is an exciting opportunity for its respective customers, offering the promise to fulfill the true requirements for message-oriented middleware to support distributed computing in a cost-effective manner. This will be a critical foundation for a next generation of message-based integration that will span diverse integration requirements.

For additional information, visit www.amqp.org. Red Hat also recently hosted a two-part webinar series on both AMQP and its own implementation of the specification, Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging. Access to the "on demand" recordings can be found here:

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