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300 of today’s cloud migrators reveal their motivations

Learn the current trends, benefits, and hurdles of public cloud adoption

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64% of firms plan to move over 100 applications to the public cloud

IT leaders are moving to the cloud, but it’s not by mass migration. In this recent Forrester study, 300 IT professionals share why they chose cloud, the methods they used to get there, and the challenges they experienced along the way.

This in-depth survey resulted in not only several insights about cloud migration, but also five key recommendations informed by the experiences of those interviewed.

Get the Forrester study, and learn key insights from today’s cloud migrators.

Cloud Migration Is Actively Embraced, But Not For Everything, an October 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat

Tips for a successful hybrid cloud strategy

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“Cloud Migration Is Actively Embraced, But Not For Everything”