Data management platform consolidation with enterprise Linux

  • 12 de julho de 2018
  • Webinar

Data management platform consolidation with enterprise Linux

Modern businesses depend on their applications. Databases that support these applications must deliver high performance and increased stability to meet business requirements for reliability, availability, and end-to-end security. IT should select an appropriate database management system (DBMS) and operating system environment (OSE) for enterprise-wide consolidation. A tried and trusted DBMS platform matched with an equally proven commercial Linux® OS is valuable to the entire application stack.

Join IDC and Red Hat to learn about:

  • Application modernization and data management.
  • The role of Linux in enterprise application strategy.
  • How the choice of DBMS and OSE influences scalability and reliability of the overall stack.
  • How Red Hat® Enterprise Linux and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 deliver a highly available and reliable foundation for database operations.
  • The benefits of bringing together product development expertise, investments in cloud platforms and services, and the support and services of Red Hat and Microsoft.


Date: Thursday, July 12, 2018

Time: 11 a.m. ET

Ashish Nadkarni, program vice president, Worldwide Infrastructure Practice, IDC

Ashish Nadkarni is a program vice president with IDC's Worldwide Infrastructure Practice, managing research on computing platforms. His research areas include evolving and disrupting computing architectures and technologies; qualitative and quantitative research on workloads, server deployments, and industry-specific use cases; and computing software, operating systems, cloud systems software, and software-defined compute.


Jennifer LuPiba, principal product marketing manager, Red Hat

Jennifer LuPiba, Red Hat principal product marketing manager for Red Hat®Enterprise Linux®, focuses on understanding customer needs and the integral part the operating system plays in meeting their initiatives. She previously consulted with clients to design, implement, and train their staffs to use on-premise and cloud-based communications and relationship management solutions.