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Red Hat Forum Israel 2018


  • 12 de novembro de 2018
  • Israel
  • Avenue Conference Center

Thank you for attending Red Hat Forum Israel, 2018!

Join us online for the Israel breakout sessions
during Red Hat Forum EMEA 2020 on November 3.

View all photos from the event by visiting our Forum photo album.

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אנשים ומחשבים People & Computers interviews at Red Hat Forum Israel 2018


Menny Tsarfaty: Leading change – 2018 Red Hat Leaders event

Amir Zipory: Cloud Native application development track

Hitachi Ventra and Red Hat – joint innovative technology solutions

Octopus to present at the Forum its success story with Red Hat OpenStack

Juniper and Red Hat – ecosystem of joint solutions

Media email: Red Hat Forum Israel 2018 under “Ideas Worth Exploring” message

Asaf Hirshberg: Open Hybrid Cloud Management

F5 and Red Hat – advanced integration with Red Hat OpenShift

A special Demo at the Forum will present the journey to digital transformation - the way to get more from existing resources

Red Hat continues to lead Linux server market

Interview of Marc Curry with Haim Habib, Telecom News: Containers – tomorrow’s world?

SkyWiz TeraSky – security challenges in the new world

Red Hat at the top of Forrester New Wave for enterprise container platform software

Matrix software products division and Red Hat – emphasis on solutions

SkyWiz TeraSky- Five common mistakes in CI processes

Bynet and Red Hat – OpenShift based PaaS

Matrix: 3 ingredients for seamless transit to the cloud

Emet and Red Hat – to dissipate the fog for the customers

Taldor and Red Hat: to overcome the speed revolution of the data center

Matrix: Red Hat Middleware solutions upgraded – and enterprises benefit

Redis Labs
Cloudera and Red Hat – building private cloud with Red Hat OpenStack

Dan Toledano: “Open source – the innovation engine for digital transformation”

DeLisa Alexander: “In organization people are the whole story – more than technology”

Dan Toledano: ”you can’t buy innovation like bread at a grocery store”

The army built a private based on Red Hat technologies for the operational internet

Werner Knoblich: "When IBM acquired us, they acquired people, culture and worldview"

Ynet business gossip: Dan Toledano on the drum (item No. 8),7340,L


08:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Keynote: Digital Transformation & Open Organization ▾
Dan Toledano, Country Manager, Israel Greece & Cyprus at Red Hat
Werner Knoblich, Senior Vice President & General Manager at Red Hat EMEA
DeLisa Alexander, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Red Hat

Customers On Stage:
> IDF's Journey to provide private cloud- Col R., Head of MOD's private cloud & BigData services
> Innovating with open source technologies - the amdocs modernization story, Cedric Gegout, Head of Product Management, Amdocs
> Core Banking Modernization- Nikolaos Vasilopoulos, Deputy Head on the Application Development Division, Alpha Bank
11:00 Brunch - Partners exhibition - Red Hat's fun Activities
11:30 - 14:00 Breakout Sessions
 Track I: IT optimization - Distributed & Edge Computing ▾
11:30 Red Hat's Open Source Technology: Unlocking Businesses Potential From Center to Edge
Gil Rosenberg, Solutions Architect, Red Hat
12:00 Customer success story: Deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform NFV with Octopus
Daniel Kallner, CEO, Octopus
12:30 Enterprise Multicloud: Enabling Any Workload, Anywhere
Vladimir Urayev, Lead Sales Specialist, DC&Cloud, EMEA, Juniper
13:00 IT Optimization - Infrastructure Automation - Ansible and Satellite
Yossi Goltz, E&M Computing
13:30 Ceph to run Data Lake
Or Friedmann & Lior Mishkovsky, Red Hat
 Track II: Cloud-Native AppDev ▾
11:30 The Road to Cloud Native Applications
Amir Zipory, Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
12:00 Securing Containers with OpenShift: Control, Defend, Extend
Kirsten Newcomer, Senior Principal Product Manager
12:30 Your Application Registry for Kubernetes - Red Hat Quay
Joey Schorr, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
13:00 Embedding Security into your OpenShift Application Development Pipeline
Liran Kogan, Product Manager, Aqua Security
13:30 Platform To Deliver Business Value
Opher Bettan - AVP Engineering & CTO, Bynet Data Communications
 Track III: Agile Integration ▾
11:30 Design, Build and Expose your business with Agile Integration Framework
Yaakov Preiger, Senior Middleware Architect, Red Hat
12:00 Application Modernization -  From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be
Morten Rohlfes - Director, Business Development, Red Hat
12:30 Apache Kafka as an Event-Driven Backbone for the New Service Architectures
Matan Zohar, CTO, Matrix Software Division
13:00 Implementing Advanced Distributed Data Architecture with Redis
Aviad Fenigstein, CTO, GRTH
Shachar Biron, Solution Architect, Redis Labs
13:30 Next Gen of Decentralized BPM with Red Hat PAM
Eran Mansour, Matrix IT - Software Products Division
Yaakov Preiger, Senior Middleware Architect, Red Hat
 Track IV: Open Hybrid Cloud Management ▾
11:30 Hybrid Cloud Day 2- Operations and Tools
Asaf Hirshberg, Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
12:00 Ansible Templates- Tips and Tricks working with Jinja
Eyal Dannon, Solution Architect, SkyWiz
12:30 Health checks, Scaling and monitoring with OpenShift Container Platform
Ido Vapner, Technical Manager, Matrix Red Hat team
13:00 HPE and Red Hat Solutions for your Digital Transformation
Nir Oran, CTO, HPE
13:30 Introducing OpenShift Dedicated on Azure: A fully managed OpenShift in the cloud by Microsoft & Red Hat
Adir Ron, Open Source Lead, Microsoft Israel
 Track V: Develop with Red Hat ▾
11:30 Kubernetes for Developers-How to Cosume and use kubernetes
Edson Yanaga - Director of Developer Experience, Red Hat
12:30 Amdocs DigitalOne implemented with Couchbase and OpenShift
Danny Haelion, Chief Architect, Amdocs Digital Product Group
Vitaly Elyashev, Lead system architect, Amdocs Digital CTO Office
13:00 ISTIO - Mesh computing How to build Microservices 4.0 application
Dmitry Kartsev, Red Hat
13:30 DataBase @Microservices Architecture
Edson Yanaga - Director of Developer Experience.
11:30 - 14:00 Demos over drinks - Get deeper insight on
  Demo I: OpenShift
Empowering OpenShift with Istio.
Sponsored by Microsoft
Demo II: RHV
VM Cross-Platform Migration & Automation solutions
Demo III: Ansible and Opendaylight
Automation networking engine for enterprise SDN
11:30 - 14:00 Explore your ideas with our open source experts
  Virtualization & Containers DevOps Storage & Networking Automation& Management
14:00 Celebrating 25 years of Red Hat - Lunch


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Location: Avenue Conference Center

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