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Open5G 2022

About open5g 2022

A multicloud approach: The next step in the 5G evolution

5G and cloud infrastructures are creating massive global shifts in network capacity and the way we deliver the next generation of services. Connected services with enhanced customer experiences have never been more important. Service providers are reimagining the way workloads, microservices, and higher-value services are deployed. A multicloud approach is the next step in remaining innovative, agile, and competitive.

At Open5G 2022, service providers from around the globe will discuss the benefits from their multicloud transformations, creating 5G infrastructures from the core to the edge of the network that scale, hyperautomate, perform, flex, and compete in a rapidly evolving market. They will be joined by an ecosystem of Red Hat® partners and industry analysts to discuss the need for cloud independence and agility and maintaining multisupplier diversity while expanding telecommunications (telco) cloud technologies across numerous industries.

Wherever you are on your 5G multicloud journey, we hope you join us to view this event on demand.

What’s new at Open5G 2022?

This virtual event is about helping you realize and accelerate your 5G and edge ambitions. This year, we continue to focus on peer-to-peer content while expanding our topics to multicloud and industry verticals such as cable, media, and entertainment, among others. Here’s what to expect:

Hear from your peers—leaders and technical experts from global service providers, industry analysts, public cloud providers, and Red Hat ecosystem partners. Learn from their multicloud strategies, best practices, and lessons learned in our rich selection of keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions, and technical deep-dive sessions.

What comes after
Workshops, labs, and demos by Red Hat 5G cloud experts—all delivered in your region, in your local language.

The details
Date: broadcast Wednesday, November 9, 2022
November 10 and after, event available on demand