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EMEA Sales Kickoff

The power of open

January 19-21, 2021

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Thank you all for making the Virtual EMEA SKO 2021 a successful and fun experience

The virtual Red Hat EMEA Sales Kickoff 2021 is over, but your learning doesn’t have to end. Throughout the year, you can view the recordings of our sessions and access even more information in the Global SKO space in Content Hub.

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Live morning exercise

Start the day fresh and choose between yoga, fitness, and dance class

Video Challenge

Watch our Red Hat values come to life

Virtual lunch tables

Grab a seat and exchange thoughts over lunch

info pods

Red Community SVGDrop by and ask the experts about their expertise

award celebration

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The agenda is using CET timezone as a reference.


10:00 - 12:30

Live Keynotes EMEA

Werner Knoblich’s Review & Strategy keynotes, Customer Interview, Interviews with Santiago Madruga, Franz Meyer, Petra Heinrich and Michel Isnard on the goals of the Strategic Framework, Awards, and Video challenge.

12:30 - 14:00

Open Networking - info pods & lunch tables

Drop by and ask us anything or grab a seat and exchange thoughts over lunch

14:00 - 14:35

Strategic Framework, Scaling across the Company, Neutrality

Paul Cormier

14:35 15:10

Panel discussion: Committed to our people, D+I, customer centered mindset, NPS and LEAP

DeLisa Alexander, Marco Bill Peter, Tim Yeaton


Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

15:50 - 17:00

Sales and Services Strategy

Arun Oberoi, Hans Joerg Roth, Mark Enzweiler, David Farrell, Darrell Jordan-Smith, Chris Wright

17:00 - 18:00

Happy Hour Networking

Get yourself a drink and join us


08:30 - 09:30

Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

08:45 - 09:15

Live morning exercise

Choose between yoga, fitness and dance class

09:30 - 10:40

Live Breakouts EMEA | 09:30 - 10:00

'No Naked Openshift' use the power of ISV to supersize your Openshift deals

Rob McMahon, Jasmina Pirard,

join us to explore the value that ISV's bring to our customers, and hear more from your colleagues on the success they have built first hand. Red Hat’s ISV strategy focuses on delivering value to our customers by engaging the ISV Ecosystem. We want to drive and accelerate platform adoption with our customers by bringing the workloads to the Red Hat platforms. Together, ISVs and Red Hat are able to deliver real business value allowing our customers to differentiate themselves in the market, and at the same time, Red Hat is able to increase its account penetration, strategic importance and share of wallet.

Team up and inspire! CHAMP Solution Discovery Workshops, the level of support you have been waiting for!

Bill Morkan, Steve Gains, Günter Herold,

CHAMP plans should become a living document that helps to identify, invent and address new markets to grow the pie! Learn how the partner enablement team helps to kickstart your conversation around joint partner solutions based on Red Hat technology. Based on a best practice workshop format, the enablement and development team helps to promote innovations, benefit from localisation and use specialist facilitation skills and expert knowledge. Inspire and motivate your partners to create repeatable offerings for a broad set of customers.

Customer Lifetime Value

Dan Toledano, Annelie Blomquist Asp, Marcin Labanowicz,

reminder about the Lifecycle selling methodology and new tools to optimize Customer Lifetime management. The success story of implementation on Strategic/Enterprise and a success story on SSI implementation of CPM model.

2021 - Red Hat vs VMware - How we win

Graham Berry, Karl Stevens,

2020 was a year of consolidation and marketing for VMware, with the latest announcements coming from VMworld and their offering now being included for all vsphere customers 2021 looks set to be a fierce battle to take control of the predicted $8 Billion container market by 2025. Join this session to be armed with the latest on what VMware are offering and how we keep OpenShift as the market leader.

The business value of Red Hat Training and how it drives adoption

Sascha Jundt,

his session covers how Red Hat Training can help customers to leverage our technology to meet their business objectives. You will learn how our Training offerings complement the other Services offerings through CAJ and AAJ, and better understand why Training can be seen as "Project Health Guarantee". The session will highlight key points from the brand new IDC GLS Study, regarding the business value that training brings to our customers in Transformation projects and driving adoption.

How did we unblock one of our largest Telco OpenShift project’s go live by collaborating with 8 different parties

Richard Broadbent, Nikola Pentchev, Bruni Horakova, Ali Sogukpinar, Benjamin Holland,

due to the nature of this project one of our largest Telco customers in EMEA had a very complex partner and stakeholder structure to realize this project and accordingly the project was in danger of facing a huge delay. The customer was struggling to get a clear picture of where the project was and what needed to be done by go live. Through our engagement we showed our customer that Red Hat is capable of taking the lead in orchestrating the efforts with their preferred partners and system integrators and teams across Red Hat and to craft a delivery plan going beyond the Red Hat engagement. The Telco, Cloud Success, Partner and the Support delivery teams all regrouped and worked on a collective strategy. As a result a Cloud Success Architect was assigned to lead the technical discussions and drive the issues that are on the critical path to go into production.

Navigating the unknown - How Open Leadership can help

Emilie Ilian, Dominic Schmitt, Zdenka Van der Zwan,

let’s explore together how open leadership and our open culture help us prepare for and navigate the unknown and change in our industry, as well as all around us in these bumpy times. We will share some best practices and takeaways through a panel discussion that can be used right away to sustain our culture, our engagement and our community while operating virtually.

Live Breakouts EMEA | 10:10 - 10:40

Openshift managed Services: options = freedom & choice

James Read, Phil King, Rob Hall, Simon Briggs,

overview of the numerous and various Openshift managed services offerings within EMEA, the choices and services avaialable, and how can you use to drive customer satisfaction.

The difference between being a Sales Person and a Sales Leader is working with partners. Join us and learn how partners can be your sales team

Oliver Reid, Kevin Bland, Christof Orth & Dominic Schmitt,

a successful team is more effective than any individual. Understanding how everyone (AM, PAM, and the Partner) can play their part in ensuring Red Hat is the solution of choice for your customers is key. Our UK and German sales teams will share how they changed the way they interact for the benefit of all. In Germany a jointly developed, programmatic partner approach in the public sector resulted in a close relationship between Red Hat public sector AMs and key public sector partners; moving from opportunity driven engagement to joint strategic go to market plannings between the partners senior level management and the Red Hat public sector sales. In UK regular account mapping sessions led to direct measurable revenue growth for all sales teams. We will explain the steps from understanding which partners are influencing the customer, through bringing the partner into our sales team and finally selling shoulder to shoulder with partners.

Synergy 2.0: GTM and leverage IBM in top accounts and brands (GBS/GTS/SYTEMS/CLOUD)

Rainer Liedtke,

what will change, Initiatives, Cloudpaks, Compensation etc.

Developers Are Big(ger) Business

Markus Eisele,

the combined revenues of application servers, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Low Code, and API as a Product businesses are collectively 2.5x the revenues generated by tools and infrastructure developers purchase to create these software systems. Learn how to expand your deals! Target audience: SSPs, Account Managers.

Are you solving your customer pain points? How Red Hat Services led solutions can help your customer.

Kerrie Laird, Julio Guijarro & Val Yonchev,

Red Hat Services led solutions are key to customer success and establishing Red Hat as a trusted partner. Join this session to learn how our Services Solutions can be brought together to solve your customer’s challenges. From pre-sales through to delivery our solutions have been defined to be modular and flexible to help deliver customer success. Target audience: KAM and Account SAs; Sales and SA managers.

Open Hybrid Cloud Adoption & Success in Financial Services

Alfonso Navio, Monica Sasso & Nikolai Stankau,

all mayor Banks leverage OpenShift to run business critical applications, we will present and overview of what they use OCP for as well as the benefits that they generated by doing so.

Being compliant with RH subscriptions

Séverin Bonnet ,

Join a race with SEAP, learn about a typical SEAP engagement using a Formula 1 analogy and how working with SEAP can lead to success. Meet the team, walk through a typical engagement, how we collaborate with sales and customers and how we can all achieve success working together.

10:40 - 11:20

Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

11:20 - 12:30

LIVE BREAKOUTS EMEA | 11:20 - 11:50

Value of local CCSP partners

Audrey Galliard Lallier, Nicklas (Nilson) Ivansonn, Lisa Riffel,

a session focused on the value of local EMEA. CCSP partners, why they exist, their value to customers and how you can leverage to be increasingly successful.

Accelerate CY21 with the ecosystem. What can we do differently compared to what we have been doing in the past?

Rodolfo Falcone, Thomas Giudici,

why is our partner ecosystem important and how to leverage it to reach our sales goals? In CY20, the Italian business grew by 50%. One key reason was the way the country worked with all types of partners. Working in the best way with the channel ensures our growth as well as our market leadership in the Container platform market. Rodolfo Falcone (Country Manager, Italy) will share his experience of how a successful relationship between the Red Hat sales and the different partners looks like. How Italy changed the way Red Hat sales works with partners. Why it's important to work with partners, how his complete sales team works with the ecosystem, what are the right partner, what are the results after one year. How does he act with partners like Microsoft, works within the SAP partner ecosystem or leverages the Italian Solution Provider landscape.

How IBM is building large deals

Ralph Borlisch, Vice President Cloud & Cognitive Software IBM EMEA,

an overview of different deal types and who to engage with on IBM side.

Containerization and automation with RHACM

Pierluigi Scardazza, Loic Avenel,

how to drive modernization conversations including OpenShift, Ansible and RHACM.

Data Services - Workloads & Use Cases

Richard Fejtl, Gerald Sternagl, Marcel Hergaarden,

learn how you can elevate your sales conversation beyond infrastructure talk, and how Red Hat can help customers to get more insight and extract value from data via automated data services for data ingestion, preparation, analytics and resilience.

How Services supports customers in their long-term adoption of Red Hat technology

Tim Jackson, Daniel Eagers & Kerrie Laird,

this session looks at how to position Red Hat Services offerings beyond products or solutions when we have a long term engagement with a customer. We will cover the Adoption Journey and different consumption models for Red Hat Services.

Red Hat Automotive - Introduction, Overview and Success

Harald Ruckriegel, Nischal Muchakani, Christian Rodenbeck, Dirk Weihrauch,

this session gives an overview about the role Red Hat plays in Automotive with Use Cases, Success Stories, Initiative Approaches and Strategy.

LIVE BREAKOUTS EMEA | 12:00 - 12:30

Winning the SAP market ... becoming more strategic at our customers

Ruud Blommaert, Cesar Beltran Monroy, Dick Lans, Rodolfo Falcone,

winning the SAP market is one of the strategic initiatives at Red Hat. By now we all should know the 'WHAT' - the main question that we still hear is the 'WHY' and 'HOW'. During this session we will answer both questions. What is happening in the market of SAP customers now and why is this creating a huge opportunity for Red Hat and becoming more strategic at their customers. Dick Lans, Regional Director BeNeLux will explain his vision on why it is important to win the SAP customers and how he has organized to drive success in 2021. Rodolfo Falcone will explain the importance of working together with the right partners/GSI's in combination with Hyperscalers.

Cloudpaks recap

Shashin Shinde,

general refresher on Cp's, what has changed, what to expect from IBM, best practices, success.

The Marketplace and it's Agora

Will Watkins,

understanding how to sell to executives requires the ability to position our technology in the context of business benefit. This session will focus on enabling our sales teams to identify, qualify, and correctly position Red Hat as a catalyst/multiplier for business potential without discussing our products directly.

How to effectively connect with customers while working remotely

Quentin Geldenhuys, Paul Brown, Ilaria Doria,

it can be challenging to establish new and build existing relationships remotely where in-person meet-ups are not possible. We'll look at how we've transitioned to selling and delivering remotely, including the use of remote tools (such as Miro) for presales activities, and discuss what improvements we can make going forwards.

Team of Leaders - From appointed to emerging leaders

Alexis Monville,

open unlocks the power of your team. At the end of the talk, you will know the one thing you have to act on when you are back in your team to increase your impact and satisfaction. Pranay struggles with her sales job. Everything seems always to fall apart and ends up in tiring and stressful firefighting sessions. Pranay tried different solutions, and nothing is really working until that one thing she discovered. A not so subtle change in the way she looks at the world will bring her ways to increase her impact and satisfaction at work. The talk is a real-world practical one that helps you increase your impact and satisfaction at work no matter who you work with. In the talk, we will follow Pranay, a fictional character who struggles in her current team. The people around her are clueless. Along the way, Pranay learns something from the people she interacts with that gets her thinking in a new way enabling her to take a different course of action.

Edge opportunity = Customer business understanding + solution innovation

Jesper Rooth, Christian Rodenbeck, Luca Gabella,

edge computing is becoming a reality, and by 2024 the market reaches $250 billion. Across all verticals and industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, finance, edge computing is being seen as a way to develop new business ideas, find new markets and transform current legacy business. Join this session to understand how Red Hat can help our customers to identify and solve business problems using edge technology.

The Volkswagen customer focus and account team success story

Martin Reinke, Steffen Froemer, Daniel Hilbig & Andreas Voigtmann,

in this session members of the Volkswagen global account team will share their secret sauce on how to form a group of individual contributors that acts as one team serving the customer as well as they can. The team will share and demonstrate the ups and downs in the past years. They will explain how a balanced and focused team can overcome problems and critical situations over time. By focusing on the Volkswagen challenges and delivering value as a team they were able to generate sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. This also includes a journey on how to use the different account team players to foster scale and growth throughout the Red Hat portfolio.

12:30 - 14:00

Open Networking - info pods & lunch tables

Drop by and ask us anything or grab a seat and exchange thoughts over lunch

14:00 - 15:10

Panel discussion: Winning with the Red Hat portfolio and being customer-centric

Brendan McErlain, Stephanie Chiras, Ashesh Badani, Joe Fitzgerald, Craig Muzilla, Joel Jackson


Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

15:45 - 17:00

PnT strategy & Open Hybrid Cloud

Matt Hicks, Chris Wright, Burr Sutter

17:00 - 18:00

Happy Hour Networking

Get yourself a drink and join us


08:30 - 09:30

Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

08:45 - 09:15

Live morning exercise

Choose between yoga, fitness and dance class

09:30 - 11:10

Live Departmental Breakouts

Marketing, Direct Sales, Presales & Services, P&A + IBM synergy, Products, Sales ops, Telco, GA & Target Industries, Mid Market (including a short break at 10:15)

11:10 - 11:30

Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

11:30 - 12:30

Live Regional Breakouts


12:30 - 14:00

Open Networking - info pods & lunch tables

Drop by and ask us anything or grab a seat and exchange thoughts over lunch

14:00 - 15:20

BREAKOUTS GLOBAL | 14:00 - 14:30

Defend, Protect and grow your OpenShift footprint

James Labocki & Abhinav Joshi,

Successful adoption of OpenShift 4.x helps accelerate customers' initiatives to modernize existing and develop new cloud-native applications. It leads to opportunities for Red Hat to upsell/cross-sell, and grow renewals. This session will provide an overview of why retention and adoption of OpenShift 4 is critical for Red Hat and our customers. Next, the session will provide an overview of our top three priorities for driving OpenShift adoption i.e. OpenShift 3 to 4 migrations, driving recommended workloads on OpenShift, and driving developer engagement within your accounts. Finally, we will provide next steps recommendations on how to get educated around these three priorities to win key workloads and drive OpenShift adoption.

Drive a Cloud-Native Mindset: Win the Applications with Red Hat Services

Jenn Kueffer,

Cloud-native is not an end point, it’s a mindset. Are your customers onboarding applications to OpenShift and adopting new processes along the way to leverage the power of the platform, or could your renewal be at risk with a customer who has a set-it-and-forget-it mindset? Join this session to learn how Red Hat Services Container Adoption Journey can help your customers extract the true value of the platform, with workloads in production and engaged teams using it. This means success for your customers and account growth for you.Red Hat Consultants can guide your customers to understand how to proactively divert and displace threats to Application Modernization Red Hat OpenShift based on best practices. Learn from the go-to experts in accelerating migration plans with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, building automated applications that get to the market faster, and navigating the balance between technology and DevOps capability within your customer’s existing framework.

Expand your Tanzu compete strategy by adding application development tactics

Richard Naszcyniec,

When competing against Tanzu/VMware, are you just positioning OpenShift, and competing on platform points? If you are, then you're not using all the competitive advantages at your disposal. What runs on the platform--workloads-- matters, and Red Hat has a far broader portfolio than Tanzu to build applications and solutions with. Tanzu knows this, and as a result, does not raise application development as a competitive topic. Don’t let Tanzu control the conversation. In this session we’ll point out what limited application development technology Tanzu can highlight. We’ll present our technology portfolio, best conversation topics, and available resources, to position Red Hat Middleware, and managed services, when competing against Tanzu. Additionally we’ll also talk about the ideal personas to sell application development to.

Telling the new OpenShift story

Rosa Guntrip,

As we continue to build momentum in the market and competitors try to position themselves in the Kubernetes space, how we tell the OpenShift story and what we lead with when we sell into opportunities needs to evolve. In this session, we’ll walk you through our latest OpenShift messaging. We’ll highlight the key value propositions, personas, and strategic initiatives that OpenShift can address and how we can help organizations achieve them. We’ll also walk you through how you can provide your prospects with an immediate path to value with OpenShift using one of our managed services offerings, and highlight how we can make a consistent operational and developer experience real with OpenShift, regardless of where it’s installed or how it’s consumed.

Standardize on RHEL by teaching customers how to Live the RHEL lifestyle

Cindy O'Brien,

RHEL is the platform most customers start with and is the entry point for the rest of the Red Hat Portfolio. It is not enough to sell just a couple of RHEL subscriptions, you need to convince your customers they need to adopt RHEL as the standard for all Linux and new application deployments. The question is how do you do that? The answer is to get your customer to start living the RHEL lifestyle! Living the RHEL lifestyle will boost your renewal rates and expand your customer’s spend. In this session, you will learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps IT teams simplify processes, increase reliability, speed, and manageability. You will also learn why Red Hat Insight and Smart Management are so crucial to living the RHEL lifestyle.

How Serverless can simplify your application modernization story

Doug Chamberlain,

Serverless architectures and technologies are often seen as something that will require a big shift in the way you build and deploy applications, often tied with digital transformation projects. Still, there is a big opportunity to modernize and migrate legacy applications by running them "as-is", but with serverless containers. Come to this session to learn about how the combination of Knative, a Kubernetes native serverless platform, and Quarkus, our container-first approach to Java, can help enterprises have an easier alternative to transform application delivery combined with integration practices to deliver modern event-driven applications.

Security & compliance challenges in the world of containers and hybrid cloud

Lucy Kerner,

Security teams are increasingly finding it challenging to keep up with the changing risks, compliance requirements, tools, and architectural changes introduced by new technologies - such as containers, kubernetes, and cloud technologies. Traditional perimeter-based network security does not work in this new world of containers and hybrid cloud. Security teams must rethink their approach to security in this new world. So what specific security and compliance challenges are enterprises facing as they are on the journey to adopt hybrid cloud, containers, and DevSecOps? What does it mean to secure containers and hybrid cloud, achieve compliance, and implement DevSecOps successfully across people, processes, and technology? How can Red Hat help customers in this journey? In this session, we’ll answer these questions and more. We'll discuss some prescriptive steps enterprises can take to tackle these security and compliance challenges in the world of containers and hybrid cloud.

BREAKOUTS GLOBAL | 14:50 - 15:20

CentOS News You Need to Know Session

Melissa Lautzenhiser,

Red Hat has announced its shift in focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream in support of the changing needs of our community and partner ecosystem. While Red Hat’s participation in CentOS Linux 8 ends December 2021, we will continue our commitment to CentOS Linux 7 until the distributions’ published end of life in June 2024. To support the growth and adoption of CentOS Stream, we will be rolling out several programs that help educate customers on its value. CentOS Stream is an upstream open source development platform where organizations can develop, test, and contribute to a rolling preview of the next release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We will also provide clear value props to help customers determine which platform is right for them between CentOS Stream and RHEL and introduce new programs being built, based on user types, that will facilitate easier transitions and more attractive terms for RHEL.Join this session to get a better understanding of what’s happening with CentOS Linux and CentOS Stream and how to have the conversation with your customers.

Sell more OpenShift cores using these 5 application services tactics

Richard Naszcyniec,

THE CATALYST: Workloads on OpenShift generate demand for more core capacity. YOUR GOAL: Sell more OpenShift cores, AND get a share of customer’s budgets spent on technology to build and maintain, custom applications and solutions. THIS SESSION presents 5 tactics, and available resources, to find opportunities to position Red Hat Middleware, and managed services with OpenShift customers. Plus, we’ll talk about the various personas you need to engage with to have conversations. We’ll even talk about how personas associated with operations will want to help you do this. DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE. Help customers derive greater value from their IT investments. Drive workloads to OpenShift and profit from up and cross sell opportunities.

We got your back — Why and how you should be partnering with Red Hat Services to sell Red Hat’s digital transformation capabilities with confidence

Natalie Knowles,

Digital transformation is complex. It has culture and process implications, on top of technological ones, and can feel overwhelming for customers — and for sellers to position. But, it doesn’t have to be. Red Hat Services has developed a program, Open Transformation, to help customers unlock the power of open source technologies and open culture to accelerate true innovation in their organizations and address digital transformation. In this session, you’ll learn about Open Transformation, how to leverage open culture in your conversations with customers, and the tools and talking points you need to sell open transformation with confidence.

Modernizing Java Apps with Quarkus on OpenShift

Abhinav Joshi, James Falkner,

Java remains one of the most popular programming languages among developers, but it has drawbacks when considering containers and Kubernetes. Quarkus on OpenShift helps address these challenges, and accelerate building Kubernetes-native Java applications, giving the 7-10+ million Java developers the opportunity to continue building new applications with the frameworks they know. Red Hat subscription and support for Quarkus is now included when customers purchase OpenShift. Finally, bringing current Spring Boot apps to Quarkus and OpenShift is made easier with the Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA). This session will teach you all the tips and tricks to have these conversations with customers and land and expand Java apps on OpenShift.

Better Together - Drive RHEL Growth, Renewals & Adoption with Insights/Smart Management

Adrian Phillips, Deon Ballard,

Selling RHEL is about showing the value of the entire subscription from security, support to services such as Insights. The more services a customer adopts, the more likely they will renew and expand their use of RHEL. Customers that adopt Insights, and add-on Smart Management, have RHEL renewal rates at over 90% and often expand to larger footprints. This is because Insights provides critical expertise, and can identify operational and security risks 96% faster than DIY. And after Summit, when Smart Mgmt launches remediation directly from the cloud without the need for Satellite, it will be even easier for your customers to operate RHEL more confidently anywhere - on-prem, in the cloud, or both. Learn how to use Insights and Smart Mgmt to earn renewals and win competitive battles to differentiate RHEL.

Application Services and Data Services - your key to unlocking AI on OpenShift

Sameer Parulkar,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities like Machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing are rapidly advancing. Red Hat OpenShift container platform provides a solid foundation to host and scale AI workloads. But data is the fuel for AI. Data generated from millions of devices, customer touch points, physical stores generate real time insights and is the foundation for AI models. This vast amount of data needs to be managed, analyzed, processed for successful AI outcomes. Red Hat Application services and Red Hat Data services provide cloud native capabilities to store, manage, move, analyze, connect and act on the data and help customers achieve their AI business objectives.

Why diversity and inclusion matters to your customer and how to talk about it

Catherine Grable

15:20 - 15:55

Open Networking - info pods

Drop by and ask us anything

15:55 - 16:25

BREAKOUTS GLOBAL | 15:55 - 16:25

OpenShift with OpenShift Virtualization vs. VMware: Lead with the platform, close with the feature!

Aubrey Muhlach,

OpenShift Virtualization is a new feature to the virtualization portfolio at Red Hat enabling developers to deploy virtual machines and containers side-by-side in mixed applications that require both. While not a drop in replacement for traditional virtualization offerings, OpenShift Virtualization is the next generation of KVM-based virtualization management technology and is suitable for applications and workloads currently running on Red Hat Virtualization, VMware vSphere, and, in some cases, Red Hat OpenStack Platform. In this session attendees will learn: *Red Hat’s virtualization strategy for 2021 and beyond, including our aggressive plans to close competitive gaps for OpenShift Virtualization via our rapid release cadence *How to position OpenShift for today’s virtualization workloads and long term modernization needs *Best practices from Red Hat sales on leading, positioning and engaging with OpenShift and OpenShift Virtualization for both existing and net new accounts

How to tell the Red Hat value of subscription story

Ellen Lafferty,

In this session you'll learn everything you need to know in order to have meaningful conversations about the value of a subscription, including: What's new in Red Hat's value of subscription story; when articulate subscription value to your customers; what to say to specific buyer personas, including procurement; and how to use the VOS messaging to help with renewals. Speakers: Deon Ballard & Ellen Lafferty

Quarkus, Kafka, and APIs - you want to sell this trifecta on OpenShift

James Falkner

Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services roadmap (OpenShift Dedicated, Azure Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS)

Brooke Jackson, Alexa Overbay

How to overcome free to fee for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Kaete Piccirilli, Tom Anderson,

Despite objections you may have heard, enterprises do pay for open source software. But why? Our customers understand the difference between price and value because we've all suffered the consequences of trying to save money on something important. But it is easy to forget and we often have to regularly remind our customers -- particularly about spending money on critical production workloads. In this session, we will cover how to convert free to fee and increase renewals - Who in the accounts are important to closing deals - Why the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is positioned to solve customer challenges better, faster and more efficiently than deploying individual upstream projects in production - What to do about objection handling - How you can help your customers adopt and why is equally important as closing the deal

Accelerate and differentiate your deals with cloud.redhat.com

Keri Sprinkle, Aisha Devrouax, Andrew Hecox,

Red Hat’s cloud services differentiate our platforms for your prospects, and increase renewal rates for your existing customers. In this session, you will learn how you can elevate your deals with the exciting updates that have launched, and are coming, on cloud.redhat.com. From deploying clusters and reducing risk, to customer dashboards that guide business decisions, there is going to be a benefit for every connected customer. And for you, the seller, learn how this customer data is being offered back to you so you can track customer deployments and have more-informed conversations with your clients. Elevate your sales conversations, differentiate your deals, and accelerate your pipeline with cloud.redhat.com.

ISV GTM Strategy FY21

Mike Werner

16:30 - 17:00

Experience the Power of Open with the EMEA Leadership Team

Ask ELT Anything

17:00 - 18:00

Happy Hour Networking

Get yourself a drink and join us

Connect, collaborate, celebrate

Video challenge

Congratulations to the Nordics team for being the winning region!

The prize for the winning region is a donation to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) a Red Hat Cares validated charity.

Let our Red Hat values come to life. We wanted to see your creativity and passion for Red Hat shine through in team videos. Each region has created a video of up to 2 minutes to celebrate our Red Hat Values.

Live morning exercise

There is no better way to start the day fresh. Join us on Wednesday and Thursday morning between 08:45 - 09:15 and choose between yoga, fitness, and dance class.

Virtual lunch tables

We all know that some of the best conversations at SKO take place over lunch, so we’re planning to bring that experience to you in a virtual format with a series of virtual lunches. A chance for open and active dialogue on topics that are front of mind for Red Hatters.

Team only tables: ING global account team, Siemens account team, D&I community

Open to all tables: SAP, Automotive, Allianz, Global Alliance Partners, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, Fuel growth with Managed Application Services, IT - 2021 and beyond, Edge computing, Consumable Data, Our customers' customer, OpenShift Adoption, Agile Integration, Expanding Automation

Please click here for the lunch table schedule.

Virtual info pods

Engage and interact with experts from teams across the organization to learn more about their business area and call on their expertise to help you with specific questions.

Info pod topics: Services Customer Case 1 -5, CE&E, Commercial Legal, Customer References, IBM Synergy, Incentives, Partner Programs & Development, Red Hat Cares, Sales Operations, Wellbeing Initiative, Telco, FSI, Red Hat on Red Hat, and Portfolio Marketing.

In addition, we offer an open info pod - drop by and ask anyone anything about their expertise! The beauty of this pod is it works both ways; you might have the expertise someone else is looking for at this very moment. Collaboration at its best. Take your chance and at the very least meet a few Red Hatters you never met before.

Award celebration

Happy hours

Get yourself a drink and let us meet and mingle.

New Hires - whether you are a New Hire yourself or in the company for already a long time, join and meet New Hires.
Food/cooking - share your favorite recipe and talk about your hobby with like-minded
Books - share your favorite book and talk about books with people who love to read as much as you do
Cats & dogs - share a picture of your pet animal(s) and get together with others who understand your fondness for your pet

Or meet people for a drink at any of the random Happy Hour gatherings and find out what you have in common with them.

Frequently asked questions

Leaderboard - 10 most active EMEA SKO participants

Congratulations to the most active attendees. You all won a voucher for the EMEA Cool Stuff Shop

1st place wins a 100 EUR voucher
May Asswae167
2nd place wins a 50 EUR voucher
Peter Koerner160
3rd - 10th place each wins a 25 EUR voucher
Barbara May159
Michaela Weissensteiner159
Jens Ziemann158
Sema Durkal148
Michael Burrows147
Christophe Dubrulle145
Marcello Franciosa145
Laura Wolf145


Where to send my EMEA SKO 2021 canvas

The returned canvases will be assembled to create a set of artworks that will be placed in Red Hat offices across EMEA. Please use the envelope provided in the box or - if you have put materials on your canvas that enhanced the volume - any small box that is a good fit for your art piece. Please check here for where to send your canvas.

What is EMEA SKO 2021 Virtual Experience?

Sales Kickoff is an important event for us, and our chance to share insights into the focus and objectives for the following 12 months. To protect the health and safety of our associates, Red Hat’s 2021 Sales Kickoff event is moving to a region-specific virtual experience again. 

Speaker briefing

Your presentation

Please create your presentation in the SKO 2021 Google Slides BO template.
Include EMEA Customer references in your presentation as much as possible and be aware Red Hat strategy will be covered in the keynotes; please avoid an unnecessary long introduction. Be aware of the time and duration of your slot: agenda .
  • LIVE EMEA BreakOuts Wednesday morning: 30 minutes (4 slots, 7 sessions in parallel).
  • LIVE EMEA Departmental sessions Thursday morning: 2 x 45 minutes.
  • LIVE EMEA Regional sessions Thursday morning: 60 minutes (6 sessions in parallel).
Make sure to start and end on time; even if your slot is right before a break.

Submitting your presentation

  • Name your presentation in this format <firstname_lastname-name_of_presentation>.
  • Multi presenter presentations should be merged and submitted as one single presentation.
  • If you plan to play any audio/video content please contact emea-events-it-support@redhat.com on how to incorporate this in your presentation.
  • Share your deck with the applicable geo cover slide (nr 3 EMEA) as soon as possible with edit rights to Jaroslav Lichtblau jlichtbl@redhat.com, Troy McNish tmcnish@redhat.com and Esther Dalderup edalderu@redhat.com. After sharing you can still work on it till EOD Friday January 15th 2021.


  • All EMEA sessions - BreakOuts, Departmental sessions, Regional sessions (and Keynotes) - are to be delivered LIVE. Therefore your internet connection is extremely important. Connect to your internet with an internet cable, close all unnecessary windows and disconnect all other devices to be able to use your maximum bandwidth.
  • Use an external microphone (either headset or USB).
  • Make sure your camera is on eye-level.
  • Place a lamp behind and to the side of your laptop so light is shining on your face (not behind you nor too close to your face).
  • Choose a background with minimal objects or light sources.
  • Check out these webcast best practices for the most optimal preparation within your individual possibilities.

Where and when

Where: Virtual Platform Rainfocus, either with Blue Jeans Prime or with Blue Jeans Meetings features. Which will work best for your session depends on your preference and the format of your session. Please inform Esther of your choice asap, latest by January 8th. All links will be arranged for you, please do NOT request any links for any of the EMEA SKO sessions yourself! You will get the necessary link details in the week prior to the event.
When: Tuesday January 19th till Thursday January 21st, 2021
Registration: For those eligible and invited to EMEA SKO: redhat.com/en/events/sko/emea. Speakers who are not eligible
and not invited to EMEA SKO should not register; they should access the session via the dedicated link(s) you will receive from SKO org.


Technical/IT support: emea-events-it-support@redhat.com
General: Esther Dalderup at esther@redhat.com & +43 6 801 436 802

How do I access the on-demand portions of the virtual experience?

Throughout the year, you can view the recordings of our sessions and access even more information in the Global SKO space in Content Hub.

EMEA SKO cookies recipe

  • 250 gram all-purpose flour
  • 150 gram butter, room temperature
  • 125 gram sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 8 gram vanilla sugar or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch salt
  1. In a mixing bowl, beat butter and sugar until fluffy.
  2. Add egg and vanilla. Beat until smooth.
  3. Add flour and salt. Stir until the dough comes together.
  4. Cover the dough with a plastic foil and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  5. Preheat oven to 180 °C (fan 160 °C) (350 °F).
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment (baking) paper.
  7. Roll out the dough and cut out using a cookie cutter.
  8. Stamp each cookie with the Red Hat cookie stamp.
  9. Refrigerate the raw cookies for 15 minutes.
  10. Bake the cookies for 10-12 minutes.
  11. Cool the cookies on a wire rack before serving.

Social media best practice

At SKO you will hear a lot of new and exciting information, but much of it is for internal use only. Be careful not to share any product, sales or business goals, financial information, product roadmap, market share information, or similar types of information on social media. We do encourage you to share your excitement about attending EMEA SKO instead. Event Hashtag: #EMEASKO2021

How to vote for your favorite Red Hat values videos

During the EMEA keynotes on Tuesday morning, all six videos - one from each region - will be shown and we ask you to vote for the three that you like best. Make sure to submit your vote latest by the end of the last networking break, i.o.w. by Thursday, January 21st, 15:55 CET. The winning region will be announced in the closing keynote Thursday, January 21st at 16:30 -17:00 CET. 

The prize for the winning region will be a donation to a Red Hat Cares validated charity of their choice.

Congratulations to the Nordics team for being the winning region!

The prize for the winning region is a donation to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) a Red Hat Cares validated charity.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Contact Esther Dalderup at esther@redhat.com

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