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  • 21 de novembro de 2018
  • London, UK
  • Red Hat UK Ltd, Peninsular House

Join us for the next in the series of the Red Hat Tech Talks. These short succinct events, organised around the working day, are your opportunity to take a deep dive into new and emerging technologies, discuss the latest technology trends, and network with your community peers.

In order to accommodate the busiest of diaries, each session takes place twice – at the start and end of the day – so you can choose to attend the time to suit you.

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Nov 21, 2018 An Introduction to Containers & Kubernetes Register >>
Dec 12, 2018 Agile Integration Register >>
Jan 23, 2019 Cloud Native Architecture Registration opening soon
Feb 13, 2019 Infrastructure Automation Registration opening soon

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An Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes - What are they, what do they provide, how will my world change?
21st November 2018

There are few things that have struck such resonance with the IT sector in such a short space of time as Containers. Is it timing? Is it down to the way people can see it transforms the way companies ultimately do business from a point of view of time to market, consistency, opening the cloud, making departments more agile or cost savings? Is it because it embraces newer software best practices such as microservices? Or all of the above. People easily see the benefits of Containers. They are a practical solution to many of their current problems. They bring about better IT practices than they are currently able to enforce, they naturally encourage DevOps and provide better economies for hardware utilisation and software costs. For this TechTalk we are going to assume you have heard about Containers but do not necessarily have full details. We will cover comparisons to existing technologies, security, standards, management, run-time and everything needed to turn a container project into a reality.

Technical Content - 2/5
Business Content - 4/5

Agile Integration
12th December 2018

In this Tech Talk we will be discussing Red Hat's Agile Integration strategy along with how the individual products complement the overall solution space, namely Fuse, 3Scale and OpenShift with each deployed in the cloud or on-premise. If you are looking to expose your legacy, modernise your integration strategy, embrace microservices, understand the flexibility of Red Hat Integration products or simply want to be part of an informed discussion, this is definitely not a TechTalk to miss.

A definition of Agile Integration
For most businesses, technology is becoming a major factor for remaining competitive and being disruptive in the future. To stay ahead, businesses are looking to bring new applications and features to market more quickly and at a lower cost than ever before. Many are looking to SaaS applications, Mobile applications, IOT applications, hybrid cloud applications, and exposing their business services as APIs for both internal and external consumption.

All of these initiatives require integration!

Remaining competitive needs a modern application development and deployment platform. Many businesses are turning to a Microservice based architecture to increase their agility, and to a container based platform to increase their deployment automation and resilience. It makes sense for any modern integration platform to support and employ these same architectural principles.

Agile Integration can help businesses to realise an API focussed, always on, always integrated microservice platform that will support their requirements for staying competitive and disruptive both now and into the future.

Technical Content - 4/5
Business Content - 3/5

Cloud Native Architecture
23rd January 2019

Open Source and Cloud Native Architecture have become the perfect storm of standards and capability. Microservices and Serverless architectures are replacing even those 'pseudo' monolithic Java applications. Containerisation is being seen as the solution to all woes, even virtualised workloads. An open attitude to interfaces, maturity over the last decade, along with increased bandwidth and accessibility, has pushed the boundaries of modern architecture best practices. In this session we discuss how get the most out of Cloud Technologies, with specific reference to service meshes and event based architectures, and managing containers.

Technical Content - 4/5
Business Content - 1/5

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Infrastructure Automation
13th February 2019

IT automation, sometimes referred to as infrastructure automation, is the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Automation software works within the confines of those instructions, tools and frameworks to carry out the tasks with little to no human intervention.

Automation is key to IT optimisation and digital transformation. Modern, dynamic IT environments need to be able to scale faster than ever and IT automation is vital to making that happen. Including Provisioning, Configuration Management, Orchestration, Application Deployment, Security and Compliance.

In this Tech Talk we will explore the use of the Red Hat products that support Infrastructure Automation. Ansible, CloudForms, OpenStack, Insights and Standard Operating Environments. To help modernise and optimise your IT estate.

Technical Content - 4/5
Business Content - 2/5

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