Automate your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Issue Detection and Remediation Before it Occurs

Watch recording from 28 de agosto de 2018

Red Hat Ansible Tower Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications and graphical inventory management.

Red Hat Insights gives predictive analytics that helps you see what’s happening in your IT environment. It also allows staff to fix technical issues before they impact your environment—avoiding costly downtime.

Integrating both solutions enables dynamically-generated Ansible Playbooks to be more rapidly deployed, in a highly-scalable and more secure manner. It allows faster Insights remediation and provides for the extension of Insights into automation and self-service use cases.

Join the webinar if you want to learn:

  • How to start fully automatic remediation process in Ansible Tower based on Insights recommendations
  • How to integrate your Ansible Tower instance with Red Hat Insights
  • How to integrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat Insights and how it works in practice.
  • About the Ansible, Ansible Tower, and Insights topics
Who should watch:
  • Anyone who would like to resolve an issue before it occurs
  • Anyone who does not know Insights and its new capabilities in the area of integration with Tower
  • Anyone who wants to automate a task and delegate the execution
  • Basic Linux sysadmin skills

Jacek Skorzynski

Jacek Skórzyński

Senior Solution Architect, CEE, Red Hat

Jacek is responsible for supporting the sales process on infrastructure technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and IT management. Previously gained practical experience on various cloud technologies, virtualization platforms, storage and server solutions. Involved mainly in support and development of mission-critical systems. Hobby: Raspberry PI projects and volleyball (watching and playing) and… car wash ;-)