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If you’re running Microsoft SQL Server on CentOS Linux® 7 today, migrating to SQL Server 2022 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the logical choice. Support for CentOS Linux ends June 2024, and mainstream support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 has already ended. If you are among the many software consumers who use CentOS Linux to host SQL Server 2017, you need to make a plan. 

Join us to learn about how you can migrate your SQL Server on CentOS Linux deployments to SQL Server 2022 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux-for a security-focused environment that offers improved performance and increased supportability at an affordable price.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux will help you:

  • Manage a successful migration from CentOS Linux workloads to a security-capable and cost-effective Linux
  • Gain the greatest strategic advantage from an enterprise-ready database and operating system (OS) for running Microsoft SQL Server
  • Learn how to better manage both technologies for increased capabilities and operational efficiencies-to give you a better Microsoft SQL Server experience
  • Increase Microsoft SQL Server performance while lowering total cost of ownership 
  • Use the insight that Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux provides to users for detecting compliance, security, and performance issues with 1-click remediation

Live event date: Wednesday, November 8, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Louis Imershein

Louis Imershein

Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Louis Imershein is a Product Manager at Red Hat focused on Microsoft SQL Server and database workloads. He is responsible for working with Microsoft and Red Hat engineering to ensure that SQL Server performance, management, and security is optimized for Red Hat platforms. For more than 30 years, Louis has worked in technical support, engineering, software architecture, and product management on a wide range of OS, management, security, and storage software projects. Louis joined Red Hat as part of the acquisition of Permabit Technology Corporation, where he worked as Product VP.

Amit Khandelwal

Amit Khandelwal

Senior Product Manager - SQL Server, Microsoft

Amit Khandelwal leads the technical strategy for SQL Server on Linux at Microsoft. Apart from working and helping the engineering team build and prioritize new features for the product, he enjoys growing the SQL Server on Linux partner ecosystem. He has more than a decade of experience across various roles, including support, field work and now in engineering. In these years, Amit actively worked on creating architecture and deploying data solutions for e-commerce, banking, pharmaceutical, and IT service Industries with a focus on data availability, agility, scalability, and security. He also speaks at various events and conferences such as, PASS Data Community Summit, DevDays, DataMinds, and DPS.