Drive Dynamic Scientific Research with Red Hat OpenStack Platform: The flexible, scalable private cloud solution

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Drive Dynamic Scientific Research with Red Hat OpenStack Platform: The flexible, scalable private cloud solution

Years ago supercomputing was only available to governments, large universities and scientists. It was a system that was complex and required a custom hardware that most companies could not afford. It also required a niche system that average organizations couldn’t access due to cost, size and availability. Now, high-performance computing (HPC) uses parallel processing that allows organizations of all sizes to run advanced application programs efficiently, reliably and quickly. This makes the power of the supercomputer available to everyone. HPC provides an affordable commodity hardware, more OS choices and scalable computing via software-defined networking infrastructure and virtualization. Companies want to know what their HPC solution is. Red Hat’s OpenStack platform is a highly scalable, production-ready IaaS solution that is built on the tested, secure foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Built by Red Hat’s award-winning enterprise support, it provides the HPC scientists what they need to support innovative research. Companies like Wellcome Trust Sanger, Penn State, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory used Red Hat’s OpenStack platform to increase research productivity, develop new business opportunities and power data-intensive workloads.


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Yan Fisher

Evangelist, Emerging technologies, Red Hat

Yan Fisher is an evangelist in the Emerging Technologies team at Red Hat where he extend his expertise in enterprise computing to emerging areas that Red Hat is exploring.

Yan has a deep background in systems design and architecture. He has spent the past 20 years of his career working in the computer and telecommunication industries where he tackled as diverse areas as sales and operations to systems performance and benchmarking.

With a passion for solutions-oriented and technical marketing Yan applies his domain knowledge and business experience to bring together partners' emerging technology strategies and customer perspectives into a single field of view. Having an eye for innovative approaches, he carefully balances his pragmatism with enthusiasm, as he works on making the connection between nascent topics and Red Hat's technology roadmap.