Red Hat locations in Asia Pacific

From Brisbane to Beijing, Seoul to Tokyo, Singapore to Auckland, Red Hat needs smart, talented, passionate people in sales, support, and engineering. We've grown into a successful company by making Linux a practical mainstream choice for top enterprises like the Bank of New Zealand, NTT, and Nissan.

This diverse region is home to many different languages and cultures. These are just a few of many Red Hat offices in the Asia-Pacific region:

Beijing, China

BeijingA city constantly reinventing itself and host to the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing is a place of growth and construction. New housing, roads, and office buildings are constantly popping up, yet the city remains grounded in tradition. From the massive Tiananmen Square to the bustling new business and shopping districts, Beijing is a city that never stops presenting new and exciting opportunities.

China's capital is home to two offices with some of our most passionate Red Hatters. Beijing Prosper Centre is where you'll find much of Red Hat China's sales and support associates. This office was also the first that Red Hat built following the environmentally friendly LEED principles. Meanwhile in the Raycom R&D building, our engineers work on a number of different projects including kernel QE, Fedora QE, and virtualization solutions.

Red Hat Beijing associates enjoy benefits including a housing allowance, quarterly bonuses, an allowance toward continuing education, plus access to a canteen, café, pantry, gymnasium, and a nearby convenience store. Other food options include different styles of cooking like Shang Hai and Zhe Jiang in local restaurants.

The employees in Beijing are very connected. They love taking time to rest, enjoying fresh fruit, and playing a game of billiards or ping pong. There are even Red Hat sponsored football and basketball games.

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Brisbane, Australia

Australia's third largest city is home to Red Hat's largest Australian office. Overlooking the Brisbane River in the capital of Queensland, this office is a strategic hub of technical support, translations, as well as research and development for much of the region. Many of the world's leading science and technology organizations are based or have invested in Brisbane. It's the energetic hub of Australia's most dynamic region and the center of open source for the country.

The Red Hat Brisbane office has a lovely view of the adjacent Brisbane River, and sits in close proximity to Roma Street Transit Centre. In fact, the transport options are so great that none of our associates drive to work. Many take public transportation, walk, or bike to the office. This is as much a testament to the culture of Red Hat as it is to the excellent planning of the city and the office.

There are a variety of roles that are covered in the Brisbane office, and the company's largest team of writers can be found here. Writing and translating all of our product documentation is their main task, but in their free time, many of our writers also do work in sci-fi, fan fiction, romance, magazines, blogging, and even game reviews. Activities and amenities of this office include access to Red Hat and JBoss certifications, volunteer work, regular billiards games, an educational allowance, video games every Friday afternoon, and the occasional game of football.

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Tokyo, Japan

TokyoRed Hat Japan, based in Tokyo, conducts sales with large companies across the country, from Osaka to Kyoto, Nagoya to Yokohama. This office is located in Ebisu Garden Place, in Ebisu, Shibuya, at the center of one of the most famous and fashionable areas in Tokyo. Many subway lines converge at JR Ebisu Station, so traveling to and from the office is easy in all weather conditions. The Ebisu area is also well-known for the large selection of Ramen noodles available in the street cafés and restaurants.

Red Hat Tokyo is known for its passionate employees and an inspiring, collaborative culture. Our Tokyo office is very welcoming and energetic, and our associates frequently take advantage of nearby trendy bars and restaurants after working hours. The atmosphere in this office is very much that of a connected and caring family. Amenities of working at Red Hat Tokyo include life insurance, sick leave, and access to a large variety of facilities through a benefits vendor.

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SingaporeRed Hat's headquarters for all of Asia Pacific is located in AXA Tower in the Central Business District of Singapore. Previously known as The Treasury and Temasek Tower, this building is the tallest cylindrical building in the world, as well as the sixth tallest skyscraper in Singapore. This building uses an innovative double-decker lift system to access the floors, increasing the amount of traffic flow in the elevator system.

With retail tenants and food vendors on the lower levels of AXA Tower, Red Hatters can browse the shops and enjoy the occasional coffee or tea fix. Red Hat Singapore offers such perks as contributions to the Central Provident Fund, outpatient, dental, and vision care reimbursement, group hospitalization and surgery insurance, and an education allowance.

Red Hat is involved with the surrounding communities in Singapore in many ways. Under the Open Source Collaborative Innovation (OSCI) initiative, Red Hat recently launched four programs in Singapore, with three of those focused on institutes of higher learning and bringing open source knowledge and skills to students. As a result, many of the associates in this office are involved in these activities outside of work, working to improve their communities.

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Pune, India


Pune is the eighth largest city in India. Known for its educational facilities, Pune has more than 100 institutes and nine universities. The city also has a growing industrial sector, as many information technology and automotive companies are setting up factories in Pune district. Because of its impact on the global economy, Pune is ranked as a Gamma Global City.

Red Hat Pune is an Engineering office that includes Global Support Services associates. With its newly expanded footprint, Red Hat Pune is among our largest offices. Yet this group remains a tightly-knit team, focusing efforts to collaboratively improve our products and support customers. As one of the best and fastest growing global technology companies in the Pune region, Red Hat offers a number of benefits including an educational reimbursement program, constant opportunities in training and development, group medical insurance for employees and families, and a mentoring program.

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