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Build a hybrid cloud environment with Red Hat and Google

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Across industries, digital technology is changing the way organizations operate. Businesses face more competition from both expected and unexpected sources. Customer demand for new offerings and services is growing. Product development and launch timing is more critical than ever before. 

As a result, many organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructure to meet the demands of modern, digital business. They are deploying flexible cloud technologies and innovative development techniques to improve operations, accelerate time to market for new products, and become more agile. They are also building systems to comply with changing regulations around data protection and privacy and to derive more value from their data. In fact, 62% of chief information officers (CIOs) cite improving business processes as their top operational priority.


Red Hat and Google Cloud help you meet today’s demands with flexible, security-focused hybrid cloud environments. These solutions help you improve the velocity, efficiency, and innovation of your business. 


Modernize and automate your IT with advanced, easy-to-use automation and iterative, transparent processes. 

  • Simplify and streamline common IT operations.
  • Speed development and enable innovation.
  • Deploy workloads where it makes the most sense.
  • Scale applications quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Customize your environment through large certified partner ecosystems.


Unify, protect, and analyze your data with a data-driven infrastructure.

  • Collect and connect data from across your business.
  • Gain real-time insight.
  • Protect your data.


Build a consistent foundation that enables fast innovation and open collaboration.

  • Adopt a data-driven approach to product development.
  • Quickly and reliably take advantage of community innovation.
  • Stay up-to-date continuously.

With flexible configuration, an open source, security-focused foundation, global network infrastructure, and advanced data analytics, Red Hat and Google Cloud give you the tools and technologies you need for digital business. Each component delivers key functionality and value.


  • Google Cloud Platform delivers reliable, high-performance compute, storage, and data services with flexible, on-demand pricing and enhanced security.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a consistent, open source foundation for hybrid cloud deployments and a reliable, security-focused, high-performance operating environment for applications across bare-metal, virtualized, containerized, and cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Red Hat OpenShift gives you a production-grade, Kubernetes-based container platform for easily and quickly building, developing, and deploying applications across infrastructures and environments. Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage offers data portability and dynamic provisioning for applications and Kubernetes constructs like registries, logs, and metrics. 
  • Red Hat Virtualization provides an open, software-defined platform for virtualizing Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads. 
  • Red Hat Ansible Automation delivers simple, agentless automation to help you improve your current processes, migrate applications for better optimization, and provides a single language for DevOps practices across your organization.
  • Red Hat Middleware—including Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat 3Scale API Management, Red Hat Process Automation Manager, and Red Hat AMQ—offers the tools you need to rapidly build connected systems that bring people, processes, and information together.
  • Google Cloud Data Analytics Solutions—including BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataprep, and Cloud Pub/Sub—help you effectively capture, process, and analyze data across your environment. 
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning Solutions provide fast, scalable, and easy-to-use machine learning capabilities and bring unmatched scale and speed to your business applications. 
  • Google Cloud Security Solutions deliver progressive layers of protection and in-depth defense to help you meet your policy, regulatory, and business objectives.

Together, Red Hat and Google Cloud help you optimize your IT, modernize your application development, and automate your business.


Legacy, disconnected IT infrastructure lacks the flexibility and speed you need to respond to fast-changing demand. A consistent, hybrid environment can boost agility, speed service delivery, and optimize your IT resources. Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud Platform lets you: 

  • Transfer existing skills to the cloud while gaining new skills with expert training and certification. 
  • Access powerful new tools and streamline operations and provisioning with automation. 
  • Run existing applications in the cloud and migrate data and services over time.
image container Figure 1. The Red Hat and Google Cloud architecture for creating an integrated, cloud-based, containerized application environment.


Traditional, monolithic application development processes are often too slow, dependency-based, and rigid to respond to fast-changing demand for new services and features. Developers often have to wait for IT resources to be provisioned, further delaying development and launch. And inconsistencies across legacy IT infrastructure make it difficult and time-consuming to move applications across your environment. Red Hat and Google Cloud provide a consistent, agile environment for application development and deployment that lets you: 

  • Ensure stability with a trusted, integrated foundation and a consistent set of tools across on-site and cloud infrastructures. 
  • Innovate quickly and cost-effectively explore new concepts with containers and DevOps
  • Regularly improve applications with a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) approach. 
  • Develop and run applications where it makes the most sense.


Operating multiple IT environments, each with different management tools, can be inefficient and introduce inconsistencies between platforms, resulting in reliability, interoperability, and stability issues. Combining Red Hat Ansible Automation with Google Cloud technologies can help you: 

  • Streamline infrastructure and application provisioning, deployment, and management using a unified interface.
  • Reduce manual IT tasks with more than 100 Ansible modules for Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.
  • Speed operations, eliminate manual errors, and free IT staff to focus on strategic, value-adding projects using simple, agentless automation tools.


A modern, hybrid IT infrastructure can help you meet the demands of digital business. Red Hat and Google Cloud deliver flexible, security-focused hybrid cloud solutions to modernize today and adapt to future change. Accelerate operations and development, use your data effectively, and continuously innovate to stay successful. 

To learn more about Red Hat and Google Cloud solutions, visit redhat.com/en/partners/google and cloud.google.com/solutions/partners/openshift-on-gcp.